Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Glitter Comparisons

Two posts in one day? Believe it. With all the family stuff going on over the Thanksgiving holiday, I'm not planning on posting for the next four days, but I have so many things I want to post that I decided to just get this one done today. It's a followup the the glitter wheel I posted this morning, with the ones that looked the most dupe-y to me.

First up, Sally Hansen Gem Crush Be-Jeweled and Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon It's All in the Cut. They look really similar in the bottle, don't they?

It's All in the Cut (left), Be-Jeweled (right).

On the nail, the only difference I could spot is that the glitter in the Sally Hansen is less dense. I used four coats of Be-Jeweled and three coats of It's All in the Cut, plus topcoat in both cases.

It's All in the Cut (top), Be-Jeweled (bottom).

Top to bottom: Be-Jeweled, It's All in the Cut, Be-Jeweled, It's All in the Cut.

The Wet 'n' Wild wins this battle of the light purple with pink glitter—it's cheaper and covers better. Too bad it's limited edition. The Sally Hansen is not bad; it will build, and near as I can tell it should get restocked since the display didn't say limited edition (and the bottles have numbers on them with the shade names--usually Sally's limited editions do not have numbers).

Next up, the purple with fuchsia glitters: Wet 'n' Wild Back Alley Deals and Nails Inc. Special Effects Bloomsbury Square.

Back Alley Deals (left), Bloomsbury Square (right).

Back Alley Deals (top), Bloomsbury Square (bottom).

Top to bottom: Bloomsbury Square, Back Alley Deals, Bloomsbury Square, Back Alley Deals.

I used three coats of each plus topcoat, and couldn't really tell a difference. Wet 'n' Wild wins this battle, too, since the Nails Inc. is $9.50 at Sephora versus the $2.99 I paid for the Wet 'n' Wild. But again, there's the limited edition problem with the Wet 'n' Wild. Why you no make these core, Wet 'n' Wild?

Finally we have Nails Inc. Sloane Square, Wet 'n' Wild Diamond in the Rough, and Sally Hansen Glitz Gal.

Left to right: Sloane Square, Diamond in the Rough, Glitz Gal.

You maybe don't even need me to tell you how this one came out, but I will. The Nails Inc. and Wet 'n' Wild took three coats to Sally Hansen's four, and even then Ms. Sally was still more sheer than the other two.

Top to bottom: Sloane Square, Diamond in the Rough, Glitz Gal.

Left to right: Diamond in the Rough, Glitz Gal, Diamond in the Rough, Sloane Square.

You can really see by this point that I was getting so aggravated by the fact I'd bought all these dupes in the span of a few weeks that I rushed through cleanup. Looking on the bright side of my buying spree, I was able to do this post as a result and at least showed some restraint and didn't get all four of the Nails Inc. glitters. Poking around the web, it appears that Wet 'n' Wild Believe Me It's Real is close to Nail Inc. Connaught Square and Cost Is No Issue is close to Fitzroy Square. I am glad there are so many glitters coming out but sure wish there were more variety instead of all these dupes.

And with that, I am off for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating this weekend! I am thankful for all of you that I've "met" through this blog, and those of you who I haven't had the chance to meet yet but who take time out of your day to read my posts. Without you, this would be 99% less fun.


  1. I think everyone should bombard WnW with the request to make those glitters part of the regular line versus LE? Maybe they'll get the hint!

    Have a great long weekend!

  2. I find it fascinating that so many companies have come out with such similar glitters in the past few months. I remember seeing that there may be some dupes in the ChG Eye Candy Collection as well.

    I never found the WnW collection, though I wasn't really looking because I'm so fed up with the lack of distribution with their LE collections. I know its up to the stores to purchase the collections, but still, I'm sure there's something WnW can do to make it a bit easier!

    They're all gorgeous nonetheless, and should I want them, it's good to know that there's several dupes out there =)

  3. ITA with MrsRexy, although the Sally Hansen glitter looks less bumpy than the Wet n Wild.

  4. Thank you for these comparisons! I had purchased the WnW polishes and it seems like I don't need to buy any of the other brands. Good to know!

  5. Love your comparisons. Those are some awesome macro shots too. :)

    Happy T-day!

  6. So mani dupes! The colours are great, the glitter is simply amazing. But we understand that it's just a matter of coats to equal one another.

  7. Wow so many dupes!! Very pretty still though! :D WnW doesn't stick here in Aust. :( though

  8. thank you for comparing these! i had no clue there were so many dupes. LOL

  9. i love glitters, they make every mani look better :-D

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the time with your family! Ummm, glitter! I am hoping we get some of these here soon, we just got glow in the dark pumpkins yesterday! They are all beautiful.

  11. I hate that I have so many dupable polish colors! I think I'm buying something unique and then oops I have that! Am trying very hard to be on a strict no buy because of it! Have a nice thanksgiving!

  12. Great comparisons!! All of them are so pretty! I have the middle glitter and after this I cant wait to wear it!(:

  13. This is a whole lot of goodness in one post!

  14. A lot of companies now have started to do quite a few glitter polishes but some of them are very similar. Anyway I still love them.

  15. I love glitters - thank you for this comparison!

    I have ordered Bloomsbury Square (only because I can't access wetnwild colour) and I can't wait for it! Dupes can be annoying but don't you feel happy that you will never run out?...


  16. Thanks for all the comparison swatches! I'm a HUGE glitter polish fanatic so I loved them all!

    I did want to point out that all of the polishes in the last group can be used as dupes for Nicole by O-P-I's Come in From the Coal'd from their Merry Must Haves collection!


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