Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wheel H3: Warm-toned Violet Shimmers

I'm not sure how many purple shimmer wheels I have all told, but I do know I have one today for Nail Wheel Wednesday.

1. Zoya Venus (3 coats)
2. NYC Nail Glossies 239 (2)
3. OPI 3 Plums I Win (2)
4. Nina Ultra Pro Dragon Berry (3)
5. Orly Amethyst Decadence (3)
6. Maybelline Colorama Grape Spritzer (3)
7. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Plum Power (2)
8. Cover Girl GlitterSlicks Purple Frost (2) [this has glitter stored in the handle that's supposed to be sprinkled on the polish, but I didn't do that; maybe someday I'll get brave and try unsealing the flip top cap]
9. Orly Get a Grip (2)
10. Ulta Cushion (2) [cushion? what kind of name is that? I guess I could have written it down wrong but what would have inspired me to write "cushion"?]
11. Sephora Bellydancing (2)
12. Milani Hot Metal (2) [brighter and lighter than it looked in the bottle]
13. Essence Multi Dimension Dress to Party (2)
14. Zoya Hope (2)
15. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Chic Creme (2) [by "creme", Sally meant "very subtle shimmer"]
16. OPI Two Plums Up (3) [I could make a good case for this being on a red/wine wheel]
17. Maybelline Colorama Burgundy Blaze (2)
18. CHI Check Out the Venus Goddess (3) [my favorite on this wheel; so glowy]
19. Borghese Pomino Plum (3)
20. Revlon Plum Attraction (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:


  1. That Borghese is lovely! And lots of the others too. Purple is such a great nail polish colour. :)

  2. they are all so gorgeous! #4 &6 are my favorite out of these!

  3. I like that "Nail Wheel Wednesday". You have lots of pretty purples and I love them all :)

  4. I'm so happy I cannot see the photos, especially the 11 through 15 ones LOL - gorgeous!

  5. So preeeetty! I love your nail wheels!

  6. Chi Chi is also my fave! good taste :)

  7. wow, all my kind of polishes, love every single one of them *.*

  8. So many pretties!

  9. Very pretty! My favorite is #4.

  10. Whew, that's a lot of purples! They're all so pretty! :)

  11. your collection never stop to amaze me,,,

  12. These are lovely shades...I like seeing the closeups! :D

  13. Wow! Thats a lot of purple! And to think you have more wheels....!

  14. I love that Nina Ultra Pro one!! ^.^


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