Friday, May 18, 2012

More Early Summer Displays

In my last display post, which focused on drugstores and big box stores, I promised to follow up with the things I'd seen at Ulta and Sally Beauty, and here I am to do that now. Since I also hit up a few more Meijer stores and found some new stuff, they'll get tossed into the mix this time, too.

Summer brings neons, and Orly has a few in their Feel the Vibe collection. It's six colors, left to right in the front row below: Melt Your Popsicle (orange), Dayglow (white), Skinny Dip (turquoise), Glowstick (yellow), Beach Cruiser (pink), and After Party (blue black). After Party seems to be the odd polish out here; I do like the looks of it, since it's got purple, blue, and fuchsia micro glitter packed into that dark base, but I wouldn't have thought to group it with these brights. Perhaps it's there to represent the dark of a summer night, watching fireworks fade from the sky on the Fourth of July.

Orly also has a movie tie-in collection for Dark Shadows. The shades here are Mysterious Curse (deep blurple shimmer), Buried Alive (deep warm brown shimmer), Grave Mistake (deep red creme), and Decades of Dysfunction (palest peachy pink creme). The most interesting one to me is Buried Alive, as Mysterious Curse and Decades of Dysfunction appear to be Royal Velvet and Pure Porcelain with new names and of course I have eleventy dozen dark red cremes already (though I understand why they needed one in this collection).

The other Orly display I saw was called French FX and had three funky French manicure kits; each box had Top2Bottom and two shades of polish in the small skinny bottles, tip guides, and a tutorial booklet. There were three variations: Foil FX (deep blue and silver), Cosmic FX (black and gold), and Neon FX (white and bright pink). While I saw Feel the Vibe and Dark Shadows at both Ulta and Sally, I've only seen these kits at Ulta.

Here's the back of the Foil FX kit:

Finger Paints (exclusive to Sally Beauty, as you probably know) has two displays out for summer. The first is New Neons, with seven shades: 15 Minutes of Frame (blue-leaning green), Silkscreen Green (yellow-leaning), Inkblot Blue, Iconic Orange, Pop Art Purple, Pink Perspective (deeper pink), and Warhol Wannabe (lighter pink).

The other current Finger Paints display is Summer in the City. This one has six colors: Movie in the Park (blue and fuchsia glitter), Beach Bound (purple creme), Sexy Sundress (lime creme), Late Night Rendezvous (turquoise shimmer), To-Teally Hot (blue green creme), Flip Flop Fuchisa (watermelon pink creme). Neither new Finger Paints display is labeled "limited edition", but based on the names of these, which don't fit the art theme, I'm thinking they are not going to be core, but the neons might be since that display says "new shades" and the names are artsy.

Sally Beauty is the only place so far that I've seen the China Glaze Crackle Glitters. There are four of these: Gleam Me Up (turquoise), Jade-D (yellow green), Luminous Lavender, and Glam-More (red violet). Despite my love for crack and glitter, I haven't gotten any of these yet because I haven't been delighted by the glitter crack I've already tried. Maybe these will be different, but I'm not willing to pay full price to find out.

Studio M's summer offering (only at Meijer) is called On the Bright Side and appears to have the usual mix of core shades, re-promotes, and Color Club re-bottles. Some of these are seriously bright neons and freaked my camera out. Top row: Neon Greenlight (two slots), Glitter Envy (two slots), Orange Hot (two slots), Glitter Solar, Neon Pink. Second row: Neon Pink (two slots), Glitter Astral, Neon Caution, Grape Escape (two slots), Infusion (two slots). Third row: Thunderbolt (two slots), Glitter Twinkle, Psychedelic Scene, Power Pink (two slots), Lightening Blue, Glitter Outer Space. Fourth row (two slots for each): Orange Sunset, Frenzy, Energy Star, Peace Out Purple. The ones that start with "Glitter" appear to be Color Club Starry Temptress colors with new names—Wink Wink Twinkle became Glitter Twinkle, for instance.

Meijer doesn't carry Color Club core colors (for those I need to go to Bed Bath & Beyond), but they have been getting some seasonal and special collections. The first couple of these I'd already seen in other places (and shared in display posts), so I won't list all the colors, but here's what Take Wing and Magnetic Force look like in the sidekick displays at Meijer (I learned that they're called sidekicks from Libby's Pink Vanity):

The above shot shows how bold I've gotten taking photos in stores; you can see part of the Meijer employee who's stocking the endcap that the Take Wing displays are hanging from.

The Color Club which Meijer had that I hadn't seen before testifies that the brand is not yet giving up on the crack trend; they've got Neon Fractured now. This display had some basic crack that wasn't new to me—Broken Tokens (silver), Smash Hit (black), and Clean Break (white)—and some new brights: The Big Bang (yellow orange), Burst Thing's First (pink, and what's with that apostrophe?), Bomb-blast-ic (orange), Shock Rock (purple), Living on the Edge (green), and Take a Crack at It (blue).

I finally saw Maybelline Color Show at somewhere other than WalMart; Meijer had a display on an endcap, though it wasn't large enough to hold all 40 colors I've read they're releasing for this launch. The ones that were here (most slots weren't labeled, and the polishes in the ones that were weren't always correct, but I can't fix everything): front row—Silver Stunner (crack), Denim Dash, Styled Out, Purple Possibilities (crack), Bold Gold, Amethyst Ablaze, Born With It, Pinkalicious, Pink Shock, Orange Fix, Fierce N Tangy, Keep Up the Flame; back row—Paint the Town, Plum Paradise, Fuchsia Fever, Green With Envy, Go Go Green, Sapphire Siren, Shocking Seas, Porcelain Party, Pedal to the Metal, Impeccable Greys, Onyx Rush, Clear.

Meijer's the first place I've found the Sally Hansen Magnetic display. I saw this at a couple different locations; one had a bunch of flyers stuck in back with "save $1.00 now" on them, but the coupon turned out to be for a Sally Hansen treatment, not the magnetic. As we learned from the brochure in April's display post, there are eight colors here: Graphite Gravity, Silver Elements, Polar Purple, Golden Conduct, Iconic Indigo, Kinetic Copper, Electric Emerald, and Red-y Response. What I find odd is that there are only seven slots across the display and six color chips across the front, so some of the colors got doubled up. What the heck? Did an eighth color get added after the displays were made? Are they trying to stock fewer of the colors they don't expect to sell as well? I just found it confusing.

Let's finish our display day at Ulta, my only source for Piggy Polish. This brand has some brights for the season, three shades of Summer Neon: Schooner or Later (pink), Good Moor-ing (acid green), and Seas the Day (orange).

Right next to the neons was a display called Glitter-azzi, which had one color in it, a silver glitter.

When I looked at the name of this, I was surprised to see it was Sunshine on Snowflakes, because I remembered a Piggy Polish of that name which was much more interesting than this. I turned the bottle in the light looking for any sign of something more, but it just stayed a straightforward silver glitter.

I dug into my stash and found the Sunshine on Snowflakes I remembered—looks like we've got another case of disappearing holo on our hands.

The third Piggy Polish display I saw was called Whispers and has a light pink, Wink, and a white, There's One in Every Cloud, along with a clear top coat. I'm wondering if this is meant for one-stop French manicure shopping—perhaps the pink is sheer—but mostly I wonder why they model looks so troubled. Is she pondering why companies re-use names of good polishes for lame new ones?

There was one last Piggy Polish offering, Message in a Bottle. This was three colors: Are You Sirius (yellow), I'll Orange It for You, and Sleeping Blue-ty. These had a jeweled flower toe ring holding a message rolled around the cap.

In what might be a record for timeliness, my Ulta had the Zoya summer colors, Beach & Surf, which you may recall from my posts on Beach swatches, Surf swatches, and Beach and Surf nail art. Top row: Reagan, Lara, Shelby, Arizona, Tracie, Wednesday. Bottom row: Carly, Kimber, Rory, Myrta, Meg, Zuza.

OPI has Pure Lacquer Nail Apps (not wraps, apps; they're evidently trying to be all techno-cool). Some of the designs look interesting, but they're $11.95, so I'm waiting for a sale. I still won't pay full price for the Sally Hansen ones, and I know I love those.

OPI Spider-Man was there at Ulta, too. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you already saw my Spider-Man swatches. There was a skyscraper-esque display with the six non-crack colors (Call Me Gwen-ever, Your Web Or Mine, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Just Spotted The Lizard, Number One Nemesis, Into the Night), a small display with just the crack (Shatter the Scales), a simple display with all seven, and a mini set with Into the Night, Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted The Lizard, and Call Me Gwen-ever.

That's all for today, but you know I'll be back next month if not sooner with more displays. Things I am looking forward to seeing in stores soon: OPI Minnie Mouse (I'm thinking I might like the display better than the polishes—will be interested to see how they incorporate Minnie herself into the display) and Orly Flash Glam FX (glitters!). I'd also like to see the Pure Ice Vinyl Remix in the wild, but I've had no luck at the three different WalMarts I've been to in the past week. Not that I don't have plenty of polish to amuse myself with in the meantime, of course!


  1. OH, OHHH, OOOOHHH, I love to see these display posts of yours, even if they make me so envious of all the choices you have "over there" LOL

  2. Wow, I'd be buying Finger Paints' Summer in the City - the two blue glitters. They look amazing.
    I'd definitely be having a closer look at the Color Clubs.
    Thanks once again for making me drool on my keyboard :D

  3. god ye get amazing stands! we don't get anything like that which is disappointing

  4. Great post! Loved looking at all the pics. Wish there was an Ulta within 200 miles of me. :P

  5. Looks like a trip to Ulta is in order!

  6. so much pretty in one post!! actually really love orly did those funky french sets!

  7. now im so jealous!! how can you manage not to be tempted in all of those polishes!

  8. Wow, that Zoya display is full!! My Ulta must ssuuuuccckkk! Actually, their polish racks are usually picked over and not very well stocked. Lame.

  9. Aw, man, you're making me miss Meijer, those Color Club prices are awesome! Too bad I've moved about 500 miles from the closest one, but at least I can shop vicariously through you!

  10. Ugghh, so much amazing polish! I seriously cannot wait until I am back in the states! I know I am going to be addicted to checking stores for new things all the time.

  11. Awesome display post, as always! That Finger Paints neon collection looks promising, definitely checking that one out!

  12. Oh my!! I'm loving those displays...any and all of them! We have nothing like that here! Our drugstores have a couple of shelves of polish with missing and tested colours between all the make up! I'm so jealous :)

  13. So many great, bright displays! I'm tempted to try the Maybelline polishes!

  14. SO many displays and so many neon polishes!

  15. I love those Orly and Finger Paints neons! O.O

  16. so, this summer we all are gonna wear neons and magnetics... i like that :-D

  17. Cool to see that the Sally Hansen Magnetics have finally showed up somewhere, but I agree with you, this is just confusing. I also agree with your last post about the colors--nothing new that I can see. Maybe if/when they get to my area and I see them in person I'll feel differently, but right now, I'm not too excited about them...

  18. Wow! Those displays look good, not to mention tempting.

  19. Hi there! Just a heads up that the SH "Nail Treatment" coupons should work on any SH nail product. I've used these coupons for Insta-Dri, Complete Salon Manicure & Xtreme Wear polishes at Target, CVS & Walgreens. Since the coupons are UPC driven, the computers can't tell what is a SH "treatment" versus a SH "nail polish," so they should definitely work for the SH Magnetics.

  20. so many nail polish,great color,love it!

  21. I love there posts of yours! Now instead of being just jealous I'll use them as a guide :-D as a husband's colleague is going to the US and offered to do some polish shopping for me. But he being a busy guy I'm writing a what-where list. Hope he manages to find something...


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