Thursday, May 24, 2012

Recent NOTD: Unnamed Purple Magnetix from Pretty Woman

Thank you to everyone who shared supportive thoughts and kind words on the loss of my sister-in-law. I was truly touched.

I'm back to blogging today, easing in with a nails of the day look from earlier this month. It's one of the Pretty Woman Magnetic polishes which I picked up at Rite Aid; some locations are sold out of them now but I have seen them at some stores recently. They don't have names on the packaging or bottles, at least not that I could see; there were product numbers on the boxes, things like FH7446, but I didn't bother keeping track of those. The one I chose to try first is a warm purple, let's call it Polarizing Plum. These come with two magnets, one with straight lines and one with wavy. I used the wavy one. The magnets are surrounded by soft rubber, so they're easy to hold onto. There's a curve cut into the side that gives you a spot to line up your finger, which helps with consistent placement.

I used a base of Barielle Pro Nail Rebuilding Protein, then two coats of the Magnetix, holding the magnet to the second coat while it was wet before moving on to the next nail. I finished with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat.

The bottle shape is unique in my collection; it's a rounded triangle cross section at the top, has asymmetrical curves along the sides, and a round cross section at the bottom.

Some lights and angles made the waves show up more than others, which I guess makes sense since that's true of shimmers, and this base color is definitely shimmery.

I wore this for five days before I got my first chips, which I thought was pretty good wear for a novelty polish. If the box had said "lasts 10 days" maybe I would have been disappointed by those day five chips, but it didn't and I wasn't. Given that I pretty much bang my fingers on a keyboard all day during the work week, I was happy I didn't have to touch up until Friday.


  1. I'm glad you're back! Hope time will heal your wounds. This magnet works quite good for what I see! And the colour is nice :)

  2. This polish is beautiful and a great color on you! Glad you are back to blogging, but you take all the time you need.

  3. I never saw a wavy magnet, interesting!

    I'm glad you are back here, sometimes focusing on "normal things" can help healing. A big hug!

  4. It's so good to see you back :)
    It's a lovely color for you, and the bottle shape is nice!

  5. Aww glad to see a post from you. We're here for you!
    I really like the wave look here :) really pretty

  6. I like the wavy stamp! Very pretty! ^.^

  7. i love the magnet on this! so cool :)

  8. havent tried magnetix polish yet,, hope i can find one soon,,, this purple looks amazing and the wavy lines are cool

  9. I never did get into magnetic polish. Just isn't for me. This purple is really pretty and I agree that is one funky bottle shape! Am happy to see you posting again. May be cathartic for you.


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