Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Not Nails


Over the weekend, I was catching up on organizing photos on my laptop and realized I had completely failed to take any nail photos at all (or face photos, for that matter) when I met up the weekend before with The Holo Queen and traceyloveslacquer. Oops. I did take this shot of some brightly colored shirtless (and headless) male mannequins on my way out of the mall after we'd had lunch and shopped.

Perhaps I can distract you from the lack of nail photos with this sunrise I captured at the gas station the other morning as I waiting for my tank to fill up:

And here's my newest sock monkey, a pocket size that Mr. Karen bought for me when he was off on his guys' trip a few weeks back. I've since decided that this pocket in my purse is not a good home for him, as he fell out into the parking lot when I was getting out of my car once. (I have also since cut off his hangtag, but I don't think that will help him not tumble out as it wasn't that heavy.)

I'll be back next time with photos of my nails, since right now I need to do some catching up with work stuff. What are you catching up with in your life? Or are you super organized and on top of things (and if so, can you tell me how you manage that)?


  1. I love that Mr Karen buys you little things like that. It is so sweet of him!

  2. I'm still in shock over those headless neon dudes.

  3. Aww Mr. Karen is so sweet! I love that little pocket for him, too bad he won't stay in it (Sock Monkey not Mr. Karen).

    I am NEVER on top of things. This weekend is project polish organization. It is gonna get crazy. I need to catch up on editing my pictures. I also need to catch up on this stack of scanning I need to do for work but I really don't want to now that I have a different computer that doesn't enable me to scan. I have to keep going to the other room now to do the scanning and I just don't want to.

  4. LOL Those mannequins are definitely something else.

  5. Ha! I love the colored, headless mannequins! Awesome!

  6. Mr. Karen is so sweet!
    That mannequins are scary (especially the Hulk one)!

    I'm always overwhelmed, I haven't any good advice :-P but I know my main issues are procrastination, being easily distracted and trying to do too much things at a time (so I end up with none of them finished).
    BTW I have an 80's book about "Getting things done" (not the Allen's one, it's from Edwin Bliss: he wrote it before Allen but was less successful), sometimes I re-read it to find inspiration :) and try to get back on track!

  7. Sock monkey is adorble!

    I'm fairly organized but just too busy....life would be so much more hectic if I didn't have some type of organization, routines, etc. in place....but still don't have time to as much as I want to every day and seems I'm never on top of everything!

  8. Aww, that little Sock Monkey is cute - you need to give him a saftey belt in the pocket :)

  9. Great picture of the sunrise!
    Aw that little sock monkey is cute!

  10. Aww, what a cute pocket monkey! :) I'm not very organized at the moment as well. I'm still in moving mode with our new apartment not fully ready (one entire room is still not furnished) and wrapping things up in my old apartment. And I have no idea how to survive the next 3.5 weeks of summer holidays as I have absolutely nothing to do (apart from moving of course). I feel like I want to be back at work. And when that happens I'm gonna be all "I want holidays!" LOL

    Chester :)


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