Monday, July 8, 2013

Ruby Wing Crowd Surf and Electric Firefly

Ruby Wing sent two of their sun-activated color changing polishes for review, just in time for summer. Indoors, Crowd Surf is a bright red violet creme and Electric Firefly is a neon yellow shimmer.

I used two coats of Crowd Surf with an accent nail of three coats of Electric Firefly. I added topcoat to Crowd Surf as it dried satin (probably it's got some neon pigment in it).

Electric Firefly was very glowtastic, both in regular light and lower light (below):

Outside in the sunshine, Crowd Surf deepened to a rich berry color and Electric Firefly turned orange. Orange! I found that fascinating.

Here's a shot with the bottles as soon as I could grab them and shove my hand in the lightbox after I got inside so you can see the difference between this and the first photo in this post:

Because Crowd Surf was displaying neon-like tendencies, I decided to experiment and treat it like a neon, meaning I applied it over a white creme. For comparison's sake, I also put it on by itself, with and without topcoat. Left to right below: two coats with topcoat, two coats over white plus topcoat, two coats without topcoat, two coats with topcoat.

Same as above, but in full sun after the color change:

I then tried the white creme approach with Electric Firefly. Below, two coats of Electric Firefly over white, except on my ring finger, which is three coats on its own.

The next step I had planned was to take it outside and see the orange appear, but while I was inside painting, this happened to the sky:

The color change could only go so far in these mostly cloudy conditions, but it was enough to see that the white base made the color more vibrant outdoors as well as in:

That it changed at all is a good illustration of why I try to remember to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days.

These polishes are available on the Ruby Wing website for $10 a bottle. Other websites also carry the brand, and I've see it (though not these specific colors) in person at Meijer and Five Below stores, though not all stores in those chains have the same nail polish selections. Speaking of Five Below, I noticed a few days ago when I stopped into one that they have a new group of color changing polishes under the Funky Fingers brand, and two of them looked very much like these two Ruby Wing colors.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Wow...this is crazy! They are both lovely, and the metamorphosis is lovely too.

  2. Ok I have decided a few things. #1 I NEED Meijers!! #2 also need Five Below. #3 I want that yellow one! lol I have known about 1 & 2 for awhile now but wanting another sun changing polish is a new revelation. You also brought to my attention that I really really need to start wearing sunscreen.

  3. *GASP* That is WILD!!! *dies* Guess my wishlist is growing.....

  4. I really like them before they change! I am loving the purple and green! :)

  5. Great swatches. I like how they look with the white base :D

  6. i just bought my first ruby wings a few weeks ago! love them!

  7. I like Crowd Surf in shade as well as in the sun. I think the yellow one looks better over white but the purple one on its own, with a top coat :)

  8. I love Electric Firefly! They are both really gorgeous, though!

  9. Amazing color change, I love also both their finishes (I saw shimmer in that orange).

  10. I <3 love <3 Electric Firefly! The colour change is amazing.


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