Friday, July 19, 2013

Recent NOTD: Incoco Nail Polish Applique Strips

Incoco kindly sent me some of their nail polish strips to review. I wanted to wait until I'd be sure to be wearing a manicure for a while so I could give them a proper test, so it took me a bit to try them. When I did, I chose the Pink Parasol design, which has a pink flecked shimmer base with a darker pink design on top.

The package contains the strips, which are sealed in plastic, and a small file/buffer and orange stick.

I didn't have any issues with application; of course by now I've had lots of practice with other brands. These Incoco strips were very thin, which made it easy to stretch them a little when I needed just a hair more coverage at the side of my nails and easy to remove the excess at the end of my nails with the included file.

I though the base color was so pretty, with the light glinting off the flecks in the shimmer. Direct low light made them pop even more:

These strips were a touch sheer; if my nails had been badly stained, that could have shown through. I did test out this theory by plopping one of the leftover strips over my existing pedicure, which was deep blue violet. The dark pink in the Incoco strips stayed pink, but the lighter base looked lilac. Here's a slightly blurry uncleaned-up version so you can see the difference between the strip alone near the base of my nail and the effect of the dark blurple underneath. (Tiny thumbnail in deference to those of you who are foot phobic; for those who are not, it's clickable like all my photos.)

I wore these for a full week. On Day 7, I had just a bit of tipwear (and of course a growth gap at the base of my nail). I was tickled to see how well they coordinated with my Tab can—I've cut way back on my diet soda consumption so I almost didn't get to see this happy coincidence:

I thought these were great. They'd be my new favorite if I could get more than one mani out of a package, but since they're packaged all together, the leftovers will dry out before I get around to wanting the same thing on my nails again (same as other strips that are made from nail polish). This design is available for $8.99 on the Incoco website. They have loads of other designs, which range in price; I saw some plain colors for $7.99 and some French tip ones for $9.99. There are some fun holiday ones, and they have pedicure strips, too.

UPDATE 15-Aug-2013:The proprietress of NailsLikeLace commented to say her Incoco strips had come with a long silver sticker she used to reseal the envelope the strips were in to keep them from drying out. I dug through my mess and found that yes, there was a silver strip in the Incoco package, and it was a sticker. Next time I'll try using it now that I know it exists (the directions make no mention of it, just say to use the strips immediately or they will dry up, as is the case with any strip made from nail polish).

The strips shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Thank you for the tiny foot photo-I for one, do not want to look at others feet, even if they are the prettiest feet in the universe! I had no idea they even still make Tab?

  2. Very cute! Love the colors. I didn't know they still make Tab. I saw it a few years ago.

  3. Why not use a Food Saver vacuum sealer on the package? Space Saver bag? Something of that sort.

  4. I got some strips from them, and I don't know if yours came with it or not, but mine came with a longish silver sticker thing. I am assuming it was to reseal the package, so that's what I used it for, and it has kept my remaining strips from drying out so far! These ones are really pretty, and I agree, I love the shimmering base!

    1. ScarsLikeLace--hmm, I don't recall if there was something like that in the package. I guess I just went by the directions to use immediately after opening. Thanks for the heads up; I will look for that sticker thing and try it with the next set if I find it.

  5. The design is really cute! They sound great :)

  6. these look really good on you. i admit that i haven't really gotten into nail strips yet. they take so much more time for me than just painting my nails.


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