Friday, August 2, 2013

Early August Displays

I'm going to kick off this display post with something that really should have gone into my Las Vegas trip report but didn't: a Morgan Taylor display at one of the nail supply stores we visited, one of the few instances in all the suppply stores where polish was in a small display like this rather than on a rack or shelves or boxes (or even piled in a bin). I didn't note the color names here because it seemed like core colors rather than a limited edition collection and I really wanted to get back to putting things in my shopping basket.

Moving on to something else I've seen only once, here's the summer offering from Spoiled by Wet 'n' Wild: Viva Brazil. Since I've only seen this display at one CVS and it wasn't full when I got there, so I'm not sure what's supposed to be in it. I can tell you what was in it: I Got So Plastered, Pretty in Punk, Pirate's Booty, Uh As If, Kickin' the Habit, Designated Driver, and Pearly White Teeth. Since the display text references "6 sizzling shades" and there were seven colors there, I'm sure something's off. Fortunately Spoiled doesn't seem to do limited edition colors so whatever was supposed to be here should also be in the core display.

When I first saw the Milani Retro Glam collection, as shared in my last display post, it was missing some colors like the Spoiled display above, but at least I knew what they were because the display was labeled. I did happen across a full display at a different Meijer since then.

A different Meijer store (there are three of them I regularly stop into plus a few more I hit up occasionally) had some mini sets I haven't see anywhere else. First there was a display with L.A. Girl Ombre Limited Edition Gradient Polish kits. Each one had five colors plus a topcoat. The blue green set looked like the same one that I'd seen at my Kroger store this past spring, but the yellow to pink set I hadn't seen before.

Right next to the ombre kits were L.A. Colors Color Craze mini sets with 18 colors, most of them very bright.

Finally there was a big display with Color Club minis in sets of four, called The Perfect Pop of Color. I don't think any of these were new colors, but can't be sure because I didn't see any shade names on them.

A while back, I shared sightings of new Fergie by Wet 'n' Wild colors at Walgreens. Just recently, some of those colors have showed up at Rite Aid, in a display called the Centerstage Collection that indicates these are limited edition shades. Colors here are Havasu Blue, Ferga-colada (yellow), Summer Spritzer (fuchsia/green/gold glitter), and Caribbean Coral.

Rite Aid also had some new Katie Cazorla designs of Kiss Nail Dress stickers. If these have names, they're not printed anywhere obvious on the packaging. There's a red/white/black zebra design highlighted with silver dots, a black/white butterfly lace with teal/pink/lilac accent colors, lilac/purple geometric lines, bright curvy diagonal lines, black/clear with gold lace trim, and brown/pink/white cheetah stripes.

The most recent new thing I've seen at Rite Aid are Dramatica fake nails from MOB (Ministry of Beauty). These sets of fakes have very elaborate designs, some with jewels or studs or other ornamentation, and all sets have a mix of designs on a theme. The nails themselves are oval/almond shaped.

There were nine or ten different sets in this display; I don't have closeups of all of them but here's a sampling:

I made a stop at the Bed Bath & Beyond that has a beauty section and saw a shelf display of Nicole by OPI Gumdrops. Up to this point, I'd only seen the collection in a sidekick at WalMart and in the Nail HQ at CVS.

Not too far from the Gumdrops was a display of Sol Vida sun-activated color changing polishes. There were four shades, all ivory/pale pink in the bottle but apparently brightly colored blue, red, pink, or orange in the sun. If they weren't $6.00 a bottle, I might have bought them all to do a mani that looked demure in the office but morphed into multi-colored Skittles when I got out into the sun.

Lastly at BB&B, I saw an Essie wedding collection display with six colors, which surprised me, since as far as I knew, the wedding collection only had four shades in it. It made more sense when I got up close and saw that the limited edition colors Using My Maiden Name, My Better Half, No Baggage Please, and Meet Me At the Altar were joined here by core colors Allure and Vanity Fairest.

At the other end of the strip mall, I popped into Five Below to see there were new Funky Fingers shades. I'd seen Jawbreaker, a multi colored glitter in a white base, before, but this visit it was joined by other milky glitters, though these seemed to have only black and white glitter instead of multicolor: Puffo Gelato (blue), Berried Treasure (pink), Fro Yo (lilac), and Mint Choco Chip (green).

There were also some new Funky Fingers Solar Color Changing polishes. These were priced at $3 each versus the regular 3 for $5 pricing. There's L'il Miss Sunshine (white/orange), Solar Flare (yellow/orange), Sunset (pink/dark pink), Aurora Borealis (hot purple/dark purple), and Partly Cloudy (teal/dark blue).

By the time I made it to Sally Beauty in late July, the China Glaze On the Horizon display was really picked over by the time I saw it. I wasn't too sad, though, as these are all bar glitter, similar to Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat, and that is not really my thing. Even though you can't see all the colors here, you can see them in the swatches The PolishAholic did. For the record, there are six: Flock Together (green/blue/black), Party Fowl (orange/blue/black), All a Flutter (blue/orange/white), Light as a Feather (yellow/orange/white), You're a Hoot (orange/yellow/black), and Flying South (orange/yellow/copper). I might end up getting Flying South, as it's the only one that has regular glitter in with the bars, and that's something Fuzzy Coat didn't offer.

On that same Sally Beauty visit, the Finger Paints Vintage Glam display was completely full. I've no idea if these are new core shades or limited edition. I do know there were six colors: Vintage Glam (bright red creme), Pincurls & Pouts (dark red creme), Bombshell (golden green shimmer, looks like this might be yet another Chanel Peridot dupe), Whatta Dish (peachy pink shimmer), She's a Beaut (gold shimmer), and All Dolled Up (dusty blue green shimmer). Actually, looking at the names, I'm guessing these are limited edition, because the core colors all have names that tie into art somehow and these don't.

I'm not sure I've ever taken a photo inside an Icing store before the ones for this post. In part that's because I rarely set foot in Icing stores, since they are inconveniently located in places not on my usual shopping routes. In part it's because they don't really have nail polish displays but just put the bottles on shelves, old colors right alongside new ones. But I did take a photo this last time, as I spotted something curious. Maybe you will, too.

Did you see them? The rectangular bottles, reminiscent of Butter London style? According to the sales associate I asked, Icing is changed over to these new bottles. On the one hand, yay, because they'll store more efficiently in Helmers. On the other, boo, because I have so many of the old style and now they won't match. Oh, also Icing has texture polishes; they call them Quick Sand.

Since I was on a photo taking roll after Icing, I snapped a shot at Claire's (which follows the same shove it on shelves nail polish display ethos) of a sign touting their Splatter Nail Polish. Near as I can tell, what they mean by splatter is black and white glitter in various bases.

The latest limited edition collection from Wet 'n' Wild, Pop Art Craze, showed up at Walgreens recently. This has six colors of Wild Shine polishes, though the first time I came across it, one was already sold out.

The next time I ran into the Pop Art Craze display, it had all the colors but I nearly missed it as it didn't have the display backing card; the polish section was just shoved into a cave on a low shelf. I'd guessed the missing color was pink, but no, it was purple. Quite refreshing to see a mass market collection with no pink in it. The shades are: Listening to Blue Reed, Stand the Test of Lime, Who is Ultra Violet, The Clock Strikes Orange, Teal Slowly and See (turquoise), and A Blank Canvas (white).

Also new at Walgreens are three Sinful Colors collections: Heart & Soul, Glam Rock, and Country Chic. As per usual with Sinful, there are new shades and old shades mixed together in here. Also, depending on the store, different assortments of colors are put into the displays, so it's not entirely clear which colors belong in which collection. Thank goodness for Nouveau Cheap, who keeps on top of these things.

In this particular display, Heart & Soul had these colors: Pink Forever, Ruby Ruby, Southern Belle (new), Envy, Mesmerize, Berry Charm (new), Beau Brique (new), and You Just Wait. Glam Rock had Glimmer (new), Black on Black, Sugar Sugar, Secret Admirer, Daddy's Girl, Silver Screen (new), Rain Song (new name, but color looks like Let Me Go according to Nouveau Cheap), Opening Night (new). Country Chic had Skylark (new), Song of Summer (new), Unicorn, Coffee (possibly new), Vacation Time, Graine de Poivre (new), Social Ladder, and Flirting Nails.

At another Walgreens, I saw the triple decker endcap as above, but also a separate shelf top display with no name but a similar microphone photo as the Heart & Soul section. This had a random selection of colors from the three new collections plus a couple from older collections like Starfish and Kissy.

I leave you today with a jam packed Sally Hansen display that was at the same Walgreens with the mysterious Sinful display above. This endcap combined Fuzzy Coat, both collections of Sugar Coat colors, the two latest Diamond Strength collections, the most recent Insta Dri colors plus a tray of other random Insta Dris, Salon Effects strips, and pedicure Salon Effects. Oh, and a couple of nail art pens and a topcoat. Talk about overload!


  1. Retro Glam looks so pretty in the display that I pinned it! Unfortunately for Milani, I have very little interest in buying the actual polishes.

  2. I am speechless! I love this post. I wish there was a Fred Meyer here! I might have to call my sister to send me some stuff!

    1. Micki, I wish I had Fred Meyer here, too. What I've got is Meijer, which is a confusingly similar name. :) Meijer is a Michigan-based chain with stores in a handful of midwest/Great Lakes states.

  3. Yay I love your display posts! Thanks!

  4. I actually like that they call it quicksand :D

  5. I love these posts - but I guess you already knew that ;)

  6. I'm literally drooling now.. so many polishes I'd like to have.. :D

  7. Oh wow I haven't seen those dramatic nails before...they look interesting :)
    I'm excited to see the On The Horizon China Glaze polishes

  8. As always, I wish I could go to America just to shop polish... Looks like great collections:)

  9. Thank you so much for posting all this! Canada gets our collections in shortly after you do in the States... So know I have a good idea of when to pop into my "shops" ;)

    Thanks again!

  10. I picked up 2 of Claire's splatter shades out of curiosity. They also have the Sand line like Icing, mostly shimmery/ glittery shades :)

  11. Wow! That's a lot of polish! I'll go broke if I ever go there. lol.


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