Friday, August 30, 2013

End of August Displays

My photo folders for displays on my computer are once again bulging at their figurative seams, so you know what that means: super mega long display post. Actually, this one might not be as long as usual because in the interest of getting this done sometime today, I'm going to skip my usual practice of sharing all the display variations I come across for a given collection—I like seeing them all but some of these brands are putting out so many different displays for the same colors that I just can't keep up. For instance, I've seen Cover Girl Glosstinis displayed at least a half dozen ways, and Revlon Brilliant Strength is spreading across the landscape in displays big and small, with other makeup and without.

Many of the things I have to share today are fall colors, but Essie is giving summer one last hurrah with a "best of" collection showcasing colors from previous summer collections (well, maybe some were spring collections; they're summery colors, anyway): Cascade Cool, Go Ginza, Boxer Shorts, Where's My Chauffeur, Mojito Madness, and Topless & Barefoot. I spotted this particular display at Rite Aid but have also seen the colors at CVS in a section of the Nail HQ.

Essie's fall collection for 2013 is For the Twill of It. This has six colors with clothing/fabric inspired names: Twin Sweater Set, The Lace is On, For the Twill of It, After School Boy Blazer, Vested Interest, and Cashmere Bathrobe. The display below is a retail version seen at Rite Aid. There's a four-color retail one I've seen at Walgreens; that lacks Twin Sweater Set and After School Boy Blazer. Some CVS stores have these colors in the Nail HQ. Ulta has the salon version of the bottles, of course.

OPI's Fall 2013 offering is the San Francisco collection. As usual for their fall collections, it has 12 shades, which I am too tired to type out the names of right now (I'll do it when I share swatches in a couple/few weeks). There are also the three Liquid Sand colors I swatched for fall texture week; every time I've come across this at an Ulta, Alcatraz Rocks has been sold out.

Ulta is also where I saw Orly Surreal, which has a very manageable six colors: Purple Poodle, Digital Glitter, Angel Rain, Pink Waterfall, Teal Unreal, and Pixie Power.

Sally Beauty had an Orly Matte It Up display with Matte FX. Iron Butterfly and Purple Velvet are existing colors in the new bottle style, but the two matte flakie topcoats, Green Flakie and Pink Flakie are new as far as I know. There was also Orly Matte Top in this display—look for a comparison with that coming up in September.

Maybelline has matte and flakies in their fall lineup, too. At Rite Aid and Bed Bath & Beyond, the 10 nail polish colors were split across two displays, same as how it's been with Maybelline's big seasonal collections in the Color Show era. The wide makeup display had two purple polishes: Lasting Lilac and Vintage Violet.

The all-polish display has the other eight colors: Sage Staple, Antique Teal, Red Relic, High Style Sienna, Ageless Olive, Mod Moss, Plush Plum, and Classic Camel.

At Walgreens, I saw a tall endcap display with all ten of the fall 2013 Maybelline nail colors (this is apparently called the Vintage Leather collection, though I didn't see that on the other displays) as well as the makeup shades for the season. The "sticker price" on the polishes ranged from a low of 2.99 at BB&B to 4.49 at Walgreens.

Sinful has a leather collection, too: Leather Luxe, which has seven matte shades (there's also topcoat, to make "patent leather" accents"). I've only seen this at Walgreens so far. Colors are: Laced Up, Strapped, Get It On, Cold Leather, Leather Loose, Whipped, and My Turn.

Walgreens is the only place to get Sinful Shine. On a recent visit, I saw the first shelf top display from the line since it was introduced earlier this year. I don't know if these colors are limited edition or new core shades; Sinful never tells. Regardless, there are eight of them: Who's the Gloss, Mirror Mirror, Shine Divine, Slick, Sleek, Rise & Shinier, Go Glossy, and Patent Pleasure.

In my last display post, I shared a triple decker music-themed display from Sinful Colors that I'd seen at Walgreens. Some of those same colors have since shown up at Rite Aid in two displays, neither of which has a name that matches the ones used on the Walgreens displays. Rock It seems to match up pretty well with the Glam Rock section of the bigger display. It's got Silver Screen, Daddy's Girl, Mesmerize, Secret Admirer, Glimmer, Opening Night, Sugar Sugar, and Black on Black.

Country Charmer is like Country Chic from the other display. Colors here: Flirting Nails, Southern Belle, Graine de Poivre, Coffee, Skylark, Vacation Time, Rain Song, and Song of Summer.

I heard Salon Perfect had some fall colors out, so I braved WalMart on a Saturday to see if I could find them. I got lucky. Not so lucky that the display was in good order, but a few minutes of my time putting the colors in their places and removing the ones that didn't belong (stray Sinfuls and Sally Hansens, for instance) made it look better.

There are eleven colors here: Tainted Love, Scarlet Enchantment, Playful Plum, Pink Taffeta, Raisin the Roof, Red Dahlia, Royal Knight, Nautical Nights, Ivy League, Dirty Martini, and Café Ole. There's also Matte FX top coat.

Wet 'n' Wild has entered the textured polish arena with Tough Girl, a collection of six colors: Left Left Left Right Left, Atten Hut, Beauty is a Battlefield, Fatigue Glam, Femme Trouper, and Tough Girl. I've only seen these at Walgreens so far.

Revlon has a back to school themed limited edition collection of double ended Nail Art polishes called Art Major. These have matte black on one end and a pastel on the other; the pastel side has a skinny brush so you can make designs on your nails like you would on a chalkboard. There are eight variations on the theme: Pass/Fail (green), Teacher's Pet (yellow), Straight As (white), Study Date (orange), Overachiever (pink), Homecoming (purple), Spring Break (mint), and Liberal Arts (blue).

I'm going to leave it there for today. I'll save the Halloween displays I've seen for next time, as it's just way too early for Halloween. The kids in my district don't even go back to school until this coming Tuesday. In the school supplies section which will soon be completely overtaken by Halloween, I saw some glitter glue that looked like something I'd buy if if were nail polish. (I chuckled when I saw this was called "classic"; in my mind, the classic way to combine glue and glitter is putting white glue down and then sprinkling loose glitter on top and making a big mess.)

I'm going to take next week off, turning the long holiday weekend here in the U.S. into a holiday week. I'll likely pop up online here and there but won't be posting new entries. When I come back, I'll bring Nail Wheel Wednesday with me, fresh off summer vacation.


  1. Wow lots of collections are doing Matte this month!! Can't wait for your next display post :)

  2. Too funny, I saw those glitter glues also and thought they'd make pretty jelly polishes! We have a one track mind, don't we!

  3. every fashion stylist love this blog and i am one of them thanks for posting such nice blogbuy link wheel

  4. So many pretties, those Orly's looks interesting!

  5. I concur with Maria, the Orly collection looks nice.
    Karen, you should get paid for ordering those displays! :-)))

  6. I love this post!! I love that Elmer's glitter glue. I have seen people put that in their hair. I have been looking for the Orly Surreal collection because I want 2 of them but I cant find it at Ulta or Sally's. Thanks for the great post!

  7. I have not seen a single new display at Ulta since the OPI Bond Girls collection... :/ I hope they get with the program soon.

  8. I love that you helped out the Salon Perfect display! Thanks for sharing all the pics!:)

  9. it seems like everyone are ready to wear darker shades... except me ;)

  10. So many lovely polishes! Ugh seeing that OPI display reminds me that I went into Ulta today and I strayed away from the polish section, but I should have took a peek!

  11. I haven't seen those Orly matte top coats yet but I am definitely interesting in seeing what they look like. And the new Orly collex looks really cool.


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