Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NYC In a New York Color Minute Sampler

Earlier this summer, I was contacted by a rep for NYC New York Color, asking if I was interested in sampling some of their products. I was, and today I've got six shades from their NYC In a New York Color Minute quick dry nail polish line.

These seemed to naturally group into two trios, so that's how I went about swatching them. First up, what I'm calling the Nostalgic Trio, because it reminds me of some of the first nail polish colors I ever bought and wore way back in the mists of time: Wall Street, Central Park, and Radio City Rose.

Wall Street and Central Park are both quiet, traditionally feminine colors and share the same finish, what I think of as old school shimmer, so I wore them together. I used Wall Street, a cotton candy pink, as the accent, and Central Park, a dusty peach, as the main color. Both were three coats, no topcoat.

These two really glowed nicely in low light:

Radio City Rose is a deep berry pink creme. Here's two coats of it, no topcoat:

For fun, I added dots of Central Park on top of Radio City Rose and then some topcoat to smooth out the dots.

The second group is what I've dubbed The Bright Trio: Spring Street, Prince Street, and Lexington Yellow.

I wore all three of these together. Lexington Yellow, a medium yellow creme, went on most of my nails, with Prince Street, a purple shimmer, as an accent. Then I added dots near my tips. Yellow on the purple, and vice versa, with Spring Street, an orange creme, dotted alongside on all my nails. Topcoat finished off the look (my impatience shows in a couple spots where I streaked the dots into the base color because I couldn't even wait two minutes for the dots to dry). I used four coats of Lexington Yellow. I probably could have stopped at three but I'm always looking for streaks when applying medium to light yellows and think I imagine them even when they don't exist. Prince Street I did stop at three coats.

On the brand's website, you can see more colors in this line and other products from NYC New York Color. All are reasonably priced (In a New York Color minute go for around $1.99 around here).

Because I am seriously overstocked with polish, I asked and got the go ahead to pass along these colors to my readers, so if you'd like your name entered in the draw, fill out the form below, indicating which trio you're interested in. International entries are welcome, and I'll draw winners September 12, so get your name in before then. Note that I am giving away the exact bottles I used, so if you're squicked by polish someone else has tried, sit this one out.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.

UPDATE: Contest is now closed.


  1. The bright trio is really pretty. Actually I just stumbled on the line at Walmart and they have some great shades and the formula is good also! SWEET LITTLE GIVEAWAY!!!!!

  2. Loving the Brights dotticure!

  3. Great review and also fun to hear about a new brand for me. :D

  4. the bright ones are lovely, love your dots :D

  5. I love the dots manicure! you're so lucky that companies contact you to review polish, that is so neat.


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