Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Textured Glitters from Nina Ultra Pro and Icing

Continuing Fall Texture Week 2013, today I've got offerings from Nina Ultra Pro and Icing, also know as miscellaneous texxtured glitters I bought this summer but didn't get around to swatching until now.

The Nina Ultra Pro Matte Glitters showed up at my Sally Beauty store in early June, in a narrow twirling triangular unit stuck next to the core display. At my store, the polishes were facing out (pic here), but I've seen photos of other stores where the display unit was spun around so the polishes were hidden and what showed was a display card with the words "Matte Glitter". There are three limited edition shades (left to right below): Star Bright, Shooting Star, and Twinkle Twinkle.

Star Bright is a rose pink; the glitter particles are mostly very small but there is also a scattering of larger ones that adds some visual interest. Though the brand calls this a matte glitter, it doesn't really look especially matte when it dries, probably because the glitter has a silvery metallic undertone to it. I used two coats for the swatch.

Shooting Star has the same glitter mix and texture, just all silver. This was two coats as well.

Twinkle Twinkle is dark dusty blue. Like the first two, I used two coats. Unlike the first two, this didn't have the larger glitter particles in the mix, just the tiny ones.

Of the three, this one looked the most textured when dry, probably because it didn't have the larger glitters reflecting light and distracting the eye. That meant it was the only one I felt compelled to try topcoat on. Here's how that turned out (I only did one nail because I was feeling particularly lazy):

The last polish I want to share today is not from Nina Ultra Pro but has a very similar finish. It's Icing Sand Castle, from their Quick Sand line. I only bought this one color to try; there are others, I'm just not sure how many since I don't haunt their store the way I do other places. Sand Castle is a rosy tan glitter. Like the Ninas, it was two coats.

If you think some of these look familiar, you're right. I'm planning a big comparison post to wrap up texture week, and you'll see these polishes again then—I can tell you now that three of these four are dupes of colors in the Orly MegaPixel FX collection. All four of these are cheaper than Orly FX, too.


  1. I didn't even know Nina Ultra Pro had textured polishes. They are kind of hidden in my Sallys and they don't get as much love as the bigger brands.

  2. Loving Texture Week!

    Shooting Star has been my DD's go to colour most of the summer, even on her toes. I don't mind her using it up as there are so many more interesting texture options available (to me anyway!)

  3. I like these...and that texture polish is becoming more accessible at lower prices.

  4. I am in love! I totally want to try out these polishes. I have never tried textured polishes before.

  5. I love the Nina's because they have a lot of glitter. Were these hard to remove? I am loving this series too!

    1. Micki, they weren't any harder to remove than other glitterbombs.

  6. Sands with glitter = I love them! <3

  7. Wow I really like the look of these!

  8. I like the look of these even if I don't like sands - but I prefer the one with top coat hahaha

  9. I love these! Adding them to my shopping list tout de suite.

  10. AH! So pretty!! I wonder if I can find them at Sally's marked down by now....

  11. I like Twinkle Twinkle and Shooting Star :-)


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