Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Essie Fall 2013 Swatches

Today I've got swatches of Essie's collection for Fall 2013. A couple of these shades already put in an appearance here at my blog in the OPI San Francisco comparisons, but today I have the whole set of six: Twin Sweater Set, After School Boy Blazer, For the Twill of It, The Lace is On, Vested Interest, and Cashmere Bathrobe.

My attention span for cremes on their own is pretty short these days, so I swatched Twin Sweater Set, a red creme, with an accent nail of After School Boy Blazer, a dark navy creme. I used three coats of Twin Sweater Set and two of After School Boy Blazer.

To further amuse myself, I added dots in the opposite color. I should have realized that the combination of Twin Sweater Set needing three coats to get opaque enough for my taste and how dark After School Boy Blazer is would mean that the red wouldn't show up well on the blue, but I did not, so added more dots in between the almost invisible original ones, putting down a white creme first before the red. Then I added topcoat to smooth things out.

For the Twill of It is a charcoal grey with a lovely pinky purple to sagey green shifting shimmer. The shift is this is quite strong; just a small adjustment of the angle of one's nails makes it show up. I used two coats, with no black base needed to amp up the color shift.

The Lace Is On is a magenta with purple and pink shimmer. I used three coats of this one.

The Lace Is On has quite a nice glow in low direct light outside of my lightbox.

Cashmere Bathrobe is a dark grey with flecked silver shimmer that makes it a lot more interesting than the same shade would be in a creme. I gave it an accent of Vested Interest, a greyed green creme. Both were two coats.

To finish my play session with this pair, I added funky French tips in opposite colors.

For the Twill of It is the star of this collection, though knowing it's a dupe to OPI's Peace & Love & OPI does diminish its appeal a tiny bit (of the two, I'd go with Essie because I like the bottle better). Cashmere Bathrobe and The Lace Is On are my other two picks—guess I'm just in a mood for shimmer.


  1. I got Peace Love & OPI, But I got Cashmere Bathrobe from this collection, very pretty.

  2. I need to head to the drugstore and see if I can sill get a bottle of The Lace Is On...I already have Peace Love & OPI so don't think I will get the color shift one here but it's quite lovely and your swatches are great of it...sure it was hard to photo.

  3. Your application is flawless!! I saw these and decided to pass...not my type of colors at all! :(

  4. I'm needing Cashmere Bathrobe, even though I fought I'd have this whole collection skipped.
    I cannot definitely resist to glassflecks!

  5. For the Twill of It is the most interesting for sure - but fortunately not really my colors - and The Lace Is On is very beautiful, but I have so many quite like it...

  6. I keep almost picking up For The Twill Of It... Good to know it's not one of those polishes where the color shift only shows up in the bottle.

  7. Cute dots and funky french tips! I only picked up a couple of these...too dark for my taste!

  8. WOOHOO-look at you doing the nail art

  9. hehe I went with Essie For The Twill of it rather than the OPI because I love the Essie bottles lol. Lovely swatches!


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