Friday, September 20, 2013

Mid-September Displays

Welcome to my latest display post. Of course I have many things saved up to share, so let's get right to it!

I want to start with what was a special treat for me—when I was on vacation early this month, I had a chance to shop at a Fred Meyer store, which we don't have in Michigan or anywhere else nearby (Fred Meyer is not to be confused with Meijer, which we do have plenty of). Pretty much every time I manage to get to a Fred Meyer, I see nail stuff I haven't seen before, and this trip was no exception.

There were Academy of Color Urban Nails sets with a base color and a glitter topper. One was white with a multi colored chunky glitter and one was red with a black and white glitter.

There was a tall display of Glamour by Hoof, which had polishes, caviar beads, and flocking powder in coordinating colors.

There were two trend edition Essence displays (one of which was sadly out of some of the nail colors): Floral Grunge and Ticket to Paradise.

There were what appeared to be limited edition shades of Kardashian Kolor polishes; I've seen the core line before around Michigan but never one of these special displays. This looked like it had colors from two collections: Watercolor and Cabana.

If I lived near a Fred Meyer, I'd spend even more money on polish than I already do. Guess it's good I only get to one a couple times a year!

I also stopped by a KMart while I was in Idaho and found another display I'd never seen before. The brand is called Bongo, and there were 14 polish colors (starting top row on the left): Feeling Royal, Sweet Cheeks, Mint Chip Madness, Plum Tuckered, Juice Bar, Canary Island, Off the Chain, That's How We Roll, Diva 'til Dawn, Catching Kisses, Swapping Secrets, Perfectly Polished, #1 Stunner, and Riot Act. For all I know, these are in my local Kmart, too; I just tend to not go there because that particular store doesn't ever seem to have much in the way of beauty stuff.

Also in Idaho, at a Walgreens I spotted two Magna Nails kits, which had four bottles of magnetic nail polish and four magnets plus fake nail tips showing the colors and effects, which I thought was quite clever. The package said "as seen on TV" but I haven't caught that commercial.

One last stop in Idaho: WalMart. That's where I saw the Salon Perfect Studio FX display. This has seven shades of holographic nail lacquer: Silver Screen, Fade Out, Leading Lady, Pixel Pink, Starlet, Green Room, Spot Light. These do not appear to be super rainbow-y holos; I would probably not have know they were supposed to be holo if the display hadn't said so.

There was no shortage of new displays to see when I got back home to Michigan, either. I was surprised that the first place I saw China Glaze Autumn Nights was at my grocery store, Kroger. It had apparently been there for a while, too, as some of the colors were gone. I expect this will pop up at Sally Beauty and Ulta soon, so I'm not fussed about missing anything.

Walgreens is the only place I've seen the Revlon by Marchesa nail strips. There are eight designs in a lazy Susan style display, so you can't seen them all at once. Design/colors are: Royal Burgundy (gold on wine), Silk Rosette (blue on white), Crown Jewels (yellow on white), Evening Garnet (red/black on pink), Beaded Couture (gold on white), Gilded Mosaic (gold/silver on black), 24K Brocade (gold on turquoise), and Jeweled Noir (gold/red on black).

Sally Hansen has a bunch of stuff out for fall, all connected to a sweepstakes they're running with something called Rent the Runway. The prize is a $1000 gift card for Rent the Runway and a year's supply of Sally Hansen nail polish. What is a year's supply of polish, anyway? Do they have any idea how much polish I normally buy in a year? I've seen various displays of these collections at Ulta, CVS, Walgreens, Meijer, and Rite Aid.

The Xtreme Wear Rent the Runway has 10 colors, all glitters: Strobe Flash, Rosey Shooter, Green Rocket, Glitter Gun, Frazzle Dazzle, Confetti Punch, Sea-ly String, Silver Streamers, Confetti Cake, and Spark in the Dark.

The Complete Salon Manicure Rent the Runway display also has ten colors, but none are glitters: Stocking Nude, Nightwatch, New Wave Blue, Platinum Star, Perfectly Poppy, Malbec, Gold Roses, Goldie Frocks, Coat of Arms, and Loden Green.

There are eight designs of Salon Effects strips in the Rent the Runway collection: Don't Be Koi, Hide and Peek, Fl-roar-al, Ruffled Feathers, Full Plume, Empress-ive, Ama-zen, and On the Prowl.

In the Rent the Runway Insta Dri display, there are eight colors: Style Steel, Chop Chop Copper, Pink Fast, No S-pear Time, Currant Trend, Quick Jean-ius, Red-io Active, and Jet Set Jade.

There are eight new colors of Salon Gel Polish, too, as part of the Rent the Runway thing: Funfetti, Gilt Trip, Glisten Up, Glitter Chatter, High Society, Red Haute, and Silver Shinings. These are glittery, and might be the thing that pushes me over to finally trying gel polish (I've tried the strips with gel topcoat before but never a full gel polish mani).

At one CVS, I saw the Salon Gel Polish, Complete Salon Manicure, and Insta Dri colors from Rent the Runway together in one end of a Nail HQ display.

At a Walgreens, I saw an endcap with the Xtreme Wear, Salon Effects, and Insta Dri shades.

In contrast to the Sally Hansen that's everywhere, there's a Rimmel display that I've seen almost no places. It's called Winter Londonland, and I came across it tucked onto a bottom shelf at Meijer. There are three Metal Rush line polishes: Bronze Princess, Pearly Queen, and Gold Save the Queen. The caps say "flip your colour", by which I'm guessing they mean these are duochromes, as they don't appear to be sheer enough to be topcoats that would change the color of a base shade.

I've seen the L'Oreal Mix and Matte display at both Meijer and Walgreens. This has six nail colors and three Nail Lingerie designs. The three regular glossy colors (on the left side) are Lacquer-ized, Lacque-onic, and Never Lacque-ing. There also are three matte colors: No Matte-r-What, Matte-r of Fact, and She's So Matte. The Nail Lingerie designs are labeled New, but I remember them from last winter: In With the New, Elite Chic, and Something About Her.

My Bed Bath & Beyond which has the beauty section surprised me by having a Color Club display; they almost never have anything except the core colors. This one is called Harlem Lights and has six shades: Lady Holiday, Sugar Rays, Baldwin Blues, Savoy Night, Poetic Hues, and Apollo Star.

Ulta as usual has some things that no other stores in my area do, such as Zoya Cashmeres & Satins (which you may recall from yesterday's post).

Also at Ulta, a Piggy Polish display called Glam Slam, with a topcoat and two glitters: To Top It Off (magenta) and Glam Slam (multi).

The Butter London display at Ulta had been updated to have the Rock Your Colour shades (part of their new Bespoke Colour Cosmetics line) featured on top: Brown Sugar, Indigo Punk, Jaded Jack, Inky Six, Union Jack Black (repromoted core color), and Pistol Pink.

There was also a separate display with four of the colors, and this one had testers, something Ulta doesn't usually do.

Before we wrap up our Ulta visit, we need to look at the The New Black displays, of which there are two. The first features ombre mani kits in six color combinations (Haze, Graffiti, Find Your Cherry, Waves, Floyd, and Gypsy Rose), plus a polish and shredded glitter kit called Foiled Again and a polish and studs kit called Rock 'n' Roll Royalty.

The other The New Black display has nail polish duos and nail art kits. There are four sets of Glimmer Twins (Pink Prankster, Golden Ticket, Revolver, and Black Ice), a coral and gold combo called Miami Vice, a black and gold duo called Femme Fatale, and three big kits: Mesh and Lace (polish and lace decals), Lace the Punch (lace decals with topcoat), and From Russia with Love ( matryoshka doll nail polish strips with colored rhinestones).

Just two more stops on this shopping trip before we're done for today. First, at Walgreens, there's a Cover Girl Hunger Games Catching Fire display with four limited edition Glosstinis shades: Seared Bronze, Rouge Red, Sulfur Blaze, and Pyro Pink.

The booklet on that display has various looks to create with the makeup, including a mani with a Glosstinis shade that's neither in the display nor from the summer colors that were released. Curious.

Meijer is just down the street, and look, here's a different Cover Girl Hunger Games display. This one has nine Glosstinis, including the one mentioned in the booklet (though this display has no booklets). Colors are: Scalding Emerald, Inferno, Pyro Pink, Sulfur Blaze, Black Heat, Rogue Red, Violet Flicker, Flamed Out, and Seared Bronze.

I think that's quite enough for one jaunt. Next time we go on a trip to see displays, I'll have lots and lots of Halloween stuff to share.


  1. So many pretties - but this time fortunately not too many lemmings ;)

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