Friday, September 13, 2013

Matte Topcoat Comparisons, Part Four

I just can't seem to stop collecting matte topcoats. Today I've got a few more that are new to my stash. I grabbed Orly Matte Top from the Matte It Up display I saw at Sally Beauty—I'm not sure how long this version of it has been around, but I do know it doesn't look like the one that was available several years ago (and I'm not talking about the bottle/handle; the stuff inside is now a different color than I remember Matte Top being before). Salon Perfect Matte FX is from the First Look Fall Polish Forecast display at WalMart. OPI Matte Top Coat is in today's lineup for comparison purposes because it's my current favorite matte topper. The Sally Girl Matte Topcoat was in a basket on the counter at Sally Beauty a couple weeks back and just like they wanted me to, I took one and added it to my purchase as the sales associate was ringing me up.

Popping them on the nail over Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Black Creme in the same order as the bottles above, here's what we get:

The Orly is pretty matte, more so than I remember the old version being, but it's not quite as matte as the OPI. Salon Perfect is maybe a touch more matte than the Orly. OPI is there on my ring finger (third from right, second from left) as a control. The biggest surprise was the Sally Girl. It looks just as matte as OPI.

Another angle on the subject:

I read somewhere online that the Sally Girl is limited edition, which makes me want to go get a bunch more bottles and hoard them. It's so nice and matte and so nice and cheap; at 99 cents for 5.3 ml, that's only 19 cents a milliliter, way cheaper than the 60 cents per ml that OPI will run you at full retail ($9 for 15ml). The Orly is 7.99 for 18 ml, so 44 cents per ml. Salon Perfect is 3.98 for 14 ml, which is 28 cents a ml; I'm not sure if that's limited edition or not (I'd guess yes since it was in the seasonal display).

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Since I did buy yet another matte topcoat after I did this swatch, there will be a Part Five at some point, too.


  1. Yay! I still have a few bottles I snatched up because I was afraid it was going to disappear. So glad it hasn't yet. ;)

  2. Hmm, I have yet to try the matte trend, I feel like you can do so much with it!

  3. You and the matte top coats. Awesome. I feel like I collect them, too, but I never remember to wear them.

  4. Hi! I'll surely follow you. I'll be glad if you follow me too )


  5. I talked to a SA at Sally's when I couldn't find the matte topcoat with the other Sally Girl polishes on the regular rack. This was during August, and she told me that every month they offer a different beauty item for 99 cents. The matte topcoat was the item for the month of August, the bottles were in a little container next to the register.

    Thanks for doing this comparison. It's great to learn that my little Sally Girl does so well against the other mattes out on the market. Hopefully some Sally's will still have them for people to pick up, or even better, add them to the regular lineup!

  6. The Sally Girl looks like a great matte! I like it!

  7. Thanks for those comparisons! The only one I have is the one from China Glaze, but good to know I can just pick up that Sally one since it looks awesome!

  8. Awesome comparison! I really like how the Sally Girl one looks! :D

  9. Off to hoard Sally Girl matte topcoat....

  10. I'm so not a fan of matte. Maybe I would be if when you put lotion on it wouldn't ruin it.


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