Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Tyrian Purple and Other Goodies

Last week I posted about first polishes I tried from Nail Pattern Boldness, Le Big Party and Ignition (remix), and mentioned I'd also gotten some purpley ones. Well, today is their day, starting with Tyrian Purple, a squishy deep purple jelly.

I swatched this at two coats, no topcoat. There was the barest hint of visible nail line in some lighting conditions but the color was so deep and gorgeous at that point I didn't want to risk mucking it up by adding another coat.

Note that you may see this color referred to as Tyrion Purple, with an o, because that's what the label on my bottle says (the website shows Tyrian Purple with an a).

You know I have a hard time going without glitter for too long, so two glittery friends came to play with Tyrian Purple.

The Girl With the Most Cake has pink, lilac, and turquoise matte square and tiny glitters in a clear base. This bottle was kindly included with my order for free as a review sample.

Elderberry is a microglitter mix of green, blue green, blue, purple, and magenta in a clear base.

I wanted the Tyrian Purple to still show through, so I used only one coat of the very densely glittered Elderberry on top of it, with an accent nail of 2 coats of The Girl With the Most Cake. I didn't get any of the largest squares on this one accent nail, which was fine by me since large square glitters have taken over for black glitter in my personal list of things I'm not so sure I want on my nails. I put topcoat over the whole shebang.

Even at just one coat, Elderberry was super sparkly; below you can see it throwing off many pretty colors in a low light shot. I really, really liked this one. I'd intended to try doing a jelly sandwich by adding another coat of Tyrian Purple but I just didn't want to cover up this glitter. Another time, maybe, with another glitter.

There was one more free bottle surprise in my package from Nail Pattern Boldness, something called Mix #6. This had smaller gold, blue, and purple glitters joining larger iridescent pink and purple circle glitters in a mix of sizes to make a big ol' glitter party.

I used Revlon Seductive as a base for Mix #6, doing two coats of each and then adding topcoat.

The real fun with this one was watching the biggest circles change colors as as I moved my hands around.

I still haven't had a chance to try the Glitter A-Peel basecoat that was the impetus for me to order from Nail Pattern Boldness in the first place, but her glitters have impressed me enough that even if I end up not liking the basecoat at all, I'll still be very glad I tried the brand. I've been flipping back and forth to the Nail Pattern Boldness store site while writing this post and trying to decide which ones I want to get next. Most are $9 a bottle; there are some colors on sale right now for $6 (including The Girl With the Most Cake).

Two of the polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Love the name of Girl With The Most Cake! Now I have Doll Parts stuck in my head...

  2. These glitters are amazing...makes me think I should have browsed the glitter polishes too before heading to check out just the Glitter-A-Peel.

  3. I'm not the biggest jelly fan, but Tyrian Purple is gorgeous - and I love all the glitter layerings too!

  4. Oooooh I love Mix #6, but The Girl With the Most Cake literally made my heart skip a beat. One of my absolute most favorite lyrics ever.

  5. I have been wanting to try Glitter A-Peel too. And I adore Elderberry.

  6. They all go really well together; and the Mix #6 is awesome!

  7. wow the Mix#6 is simply stunning =)
    have a wonderful week end,

  8. I love the look of these and the way they look together! :D

  9. Huh. Purple and glitter on your blog. Never seen that before! HAHHAHAHA!! That purple is jelly like and gorgeous!

  10. I only just saw this post today - and it is fantastic! Thanks so much for showing these beauties off!

  11. I like Tyrian Purple with both glitters! :-)


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