Friday, November 15, 2013

Recent NOTD: OPI My Current Crush

As infrequently as I get around to posting my nails of the day, even belatedly, I feel like I should probably go to a "nails of the month" format. The look I have to share today was on my nails three weeks ago. It's the limited edition OPI Liquid Sand shade called My Current Crush, which I've so far only seen sold in a two-pack with a base coat. My Current Crush is a warmed-toned bright purple with silver glitter. For this mani, I did two coats of it over a base coat and added topcoat to an accent nail so I could see what that would look like.

Much as I love purple, I was just meh about this polish. Compared with other glittery OPI Liquid Sands like Magazine Cover Mouse and Alcatraz Rocks, My Current Crush has much less glitter, and what there is seems to get lost in the texture.

I liked this better with topcoat; here it is in direct low light:

I did get good wear from this; after five days I had only minor tipwear and no chips. While I was wearing My Current Crush, I got to meet up with fellow lacquer lover visiting from California, tjoyu of the currently on hiatus Yesterday's Nail blog. Of course we did a nail photo, and her man was quite a good sport about the whole thing!

She's wearing one of the multichromes from I Love Nail Polish (sorry, I don't remember which one), and he's holding Having a Kiki from PolishRevolution. It wsa great fun to have dinner with them; I'm hoping we can work in some shopping the next time they're in town. If any of you reading this are ever in the Detroit area, drop me an e-mail because I'm always up for meeting other nail polish aficionados.


  1. I just picked this up at Ulta last weekend and it urked me it was only part of the duo pack with the basecoat that I have no use for but it does look pretty!

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  3. This is a lovely shade. I never thought about applying a top coat to the textured polish as an accent! Love it! :D

  4. Beautiful shade! I love it also with top coat! :-)


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