Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wet 'n' Wild ColorIcon In the Spotlight Collection

Today I've got the six limited edition glitter toppers that Wet 'n' Wild has put out for Holiday 2013 under the ColorIcon line. There are three small glitters and three chunkier ones, all in clear bases. Top row: Seeing Stars, Silver Linings, The Golden Rule. Bottom: At the After Party, Cruisin' the Blvd, Social Circles.

Since I had the Essie collection from yesterday's post handy, I used those colors as bases for these Wet 'n' Wilds; they coordinated rather nicely as it turned out.

Seeing Stars has small multi colored iridescent glitter. I used two coats of it plus topcoat over Essie Warm & Toasty Turtleneck.

Cruisin' the Blvd is a mix of tiny lilac hexes, medium turquoise hexes, and large silver hexes. I put two coats of it plus topcoat over Essie Parka Perfect and did an accent nail with Silver Linings, which has small silver glitter.

I used Essie Shearling Darling as the base for the next pair of Wet 'n' Wild colors: Social Circles, which has small gold hexes, medium lilac hexes, and large dusty rose hexes, and The Golden Rule, which is small gold glitter and was my accent nail for this look. Again, it was two coats of glitter and then topcoat.

At the After Party went it alone over Essie Mind Your Mittens. At the After Party has a mix of small and large multicolor hexes; silver, gold, blue, green, orange, and pink seem to be the dominant colors. As with the others, I used two coats of the glitter and then topcoat.

I don't think there's anything crazy special about this collection but it won me over anyway. I liked the way the plain silver and gold small glitters worked with their chunkier counterparts, and the multi colored mixes looked so pretty. When I was done swatching, I could think of a bunch more base color combinations I wanted to try, and that's always a good sign. (I didn't try them, not yet anyway, due to the need to go work to make more money to buy more nail polish.)


  1. Nice collection! I have polishes similar enough to most of these, so I'll probably pass (or at least try to, lol!) but it looks like a solid set of glitters!

  2. It looks like a pretty neat little glitter collection! You chose great background colours for them too! :)

  3. I especially like Social Circles over Essie Shearling Darling :)

  4. Ooh, Social Circles looks amazing over that Essie!

  5. Oh they are nice! I like the chunky glitter color combos.


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