Friday, November 8, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Le Big Party and Ignition (remix)

After yesterday's swatching extravaganza, today I'm reining it in and only featuring two polishes, both glitters from Nail Pattern Boldness, a brand I knew about but hadn't tried until now. The thing that finally got me to focus long enough to put in an order was a friend asking me about peel off base coats, and that reminded me that I'd been meaning to try Glitter A-Peel from Nail Pattern Boldness since mrsrexy did her review of it on Canadian Nail Fanatic. So off I clicked to get some Glitter A-Peel and of course while I was there I had to put some glitter in my cart. As things unfolded, I haven't actually worn a full glitter mani since I got my order, so I still haven't tried the Glitter A-Peel, but I did make time to swatch two of the glitter polishes I bought: Le Big Party and Ignition (remix).

Le Big Party is a matte glitter, with small square and hexes in yellow, red, green, blue, and purple in a clear base.

I knew I wanted to layer Le Big Party over a base that would let the bright glitters pop, so I grabbed Twin Sweater Set, the dark red creme from Essie Fall 2013 and applied three coats of that before topping it with two coats of Le Big Party and a layer of topcoat. I loved this combination; even though there's a lot going on in and some of the hues are quite bright, it all blended nicely into a festively elegant (or elegantly festive) effect.

I was curious how Le Big Party would look over other colors, so did Skittles with Sally Hansen Lemon Shark, Kelp Out, and Play Koi (which you saw with the rest of the Sally Hansen Triple Shine yesterday) and Essie Mesmerize. I did two coats of all of those then added two of Le Big Party and one of topcoat. This was just plain festive:

The blue base provided the most contrast with all the colors of glitter.

With the other bases, they blended with one of the glitter colors and that tweaked the overall effect of the glitter in each case:

Ignition (remix) has a clear base filled with two sizes of medium hex glitter in a rainbow of colors: red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple, and some that shift colors.

The first thing I did with Ignition (remix) was put it on top of the Skittles/Le Big Party I already had on my nails. Le Big Party got even bigger at that point.

I used only one coat of Ignition (remix) and didn't add topcoat since it was just a quick experiment, so this look is a little rough, but it makes me happy to look at nonetheless.

To give Ignition (remix) a chance in the spotlight on its own, I did a base of Essie After School Boy Blazer with an accent nail of Sally Hansen Vanity Flare, then added two coats of the glitter plus a topcoat. I could have done a better job distributing the glitter but there are so many colors to look at my less than stellar application isn't a big deal. You may see some glitters that looked to my camera like they were curling; they were not—it's just how the reflections were hitting the lens.

I'm quite happy with these two rainbow glitters and can see them working with a whole lot of different base colors. I also got some purpley colors from Nail Pattern Boldness (including a bottle she included as a sample) and hope to get those posted soon. And I really, really hope to finally try Glitter A-Peel; I just need to decide which glitter I want to look at for a week and make the time to do a proper manicure. I suppose that could happen this weekend; we'll just have to see.


  1. Ohhh they are both so fun! I can't wait to see your review on Glitter A-Peel.

  2. I have Le Big Party but haven't worn it yet but adore the skittles you did with it as a topper. Those matte microglitters are a fave of mine!

    I'm still using glitter A-Peel and have even tried it a few times with a creme base and glitter on top. It peels off in pieces then versus pops off when just doing a glitter bomb, but I still find it better than foil, etc. I'll be interested in reading your review and how you like it!

  3. I just received my order of Glitter-A-Peel! I'm going to do a mani with it tonight and wear it for a few days. I decided to try it with Sally Hansen Xtreme Confetti Punch with a base of Orly Artificial Sweetener. Hopefully it works, then it's full Essie chunky glitter manis for the holidays for me!

  4. I like them both, but I like Le Big Party the most, especially over red :)

  5. wow very nice, especially the last manicures =)

  6. I like Ignition. Le Big Party kind of reminds me of tv static. Except in color. lol

  7. I really like the look of both of these glitters and the mix of glitter colors they have!

  8. Cool glitters! Le Big Party reminds me of some kind of sweater :)


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