Thursday, April 10, 2014

Almost Mid-April Displays

Yes, yet again I am overdue for a display post. The alphabetical by brand approach I used last time worked well for me, not just in getting the post written but also when I went back to look for a particular display later (to see if I'd already posted it so there wouldn't be any duplicates this time), I'm sticking with that approach.

We'll kick things off with a brand I've not run into before: Bonita. One of my Rite Aid stores had a display of eight bright colors: Blue Steel, Glitzy Heels, Pear Me Up, Team Pink, Royal Highness, Orange You Happy, Peonies Gone Wild, and Ride the Waves. I think all of these were shimmers, but they were so tightly wedged into the display slots that I only picked up a couple colors for a closer look.

At Sally Beauty, I saw China Glaze Surprise, which is a collection of six chunky glitter toppers. There's Don't Be a Flake (black/sky blue/rose), Glimmer More (peach/pink/yellow), Glitter Up (blue/sky blue/peach), I'm a Go Glitter (hot pink/lime/sky blue), Create a Spark (black/blue violet/copper), and Shine-nanigans (hot pink/lime/blue violet).

At one of the Bed Bath & Beyond stores with a health & beauty section, I saw Color Club Modern Mosaic. This was labeled "Limited Series" and "Micro Batches", which I guess means grab 'em when you see 'em. There are six shades here: Orange Crush, Green Piece, Blue Beaded, Love You to Pieces, Pixi-lated, and Subway Station. When I first looked at these I thought they were matte microglitters, but the particles are actually round, like beads. Maybe this is what textured polishes look like when they're made with a clear base?

When I was out in Idaho at the end of last month, I was able to stop at a Fred Meyer, where I saw two Essence displays that haven't shown up yet in my part of Michigan (and if past history is any indication, they won't ever). The first was Kalinka Beauty, which has three creme polishes: Absolut Blue, Green Scene, and East Side Story.

The other Essence display I saw was Superheroes, which was packed with nail stuff: remover with what looked like glitter in it, pots of loose glitter in three colors, brushes to sweep off excess loose glitter, decals, and five polishes (there were slots for six but for some reason Essence never seems to want to send full collections over here). The polishes are Super Man (silver holo micro glitter), Fantastic Girl (warm purple thermo), The Incredible (turquoise texture), Power Girl (purple duochrome), and The Awesome (pink with glitter mix).

A couple different Rite Aid stores I've been to recently had displays of Expressions Nail Paint. The bottles look just like the ones that Blue Cross Mood Struck colors came in, so I wasn't surprised to pick these up and find the Blue Cross name in fine print on the back (and no shade names anywhere).

Sally Beauty has two seasonal collections of Finger Paints out now. The first are the Shredded Chromes, a group of five metallic glitters (possibly textured, though it doesn't say and I haven't tried them or even looked up swatches): Stargazing Lilac, Gilded Chrome, Stardust Blush, Metallic Moondust, and Crystalline Crush.

The second Finger Paints collection is Pastel Rain, which has thre pairs of colors, each with a fine glitter and a creme. The spring greens are Shower with Flowers and Mistful Thinking. The pinks are A Pink of Pixie and Springtime Bloom. The blues are Crystal Springs and Dream I Can Fly.

Rite Aid had LA Girl Feather Frenzy, which is eight shades of bar glitter polishes with bird names: Crane, Oriole, Flamingo, Peacock, Hummingbird, Parrot, Canary, and Raven.

The latest offering from Maybelline is Bleached Neons for Summer 2014 (summer! when it's just very barely spring here). The polish display I saw at Bed Bath & Beyond had five colors: Pink Punch, Lime Accent, Coral Heat, Citrus Collide, and Ultra Violet.

There was also another Maybelline Bleached Neons display with two more polishes nestled in among the other makeup: Bleached in Peach and Day Glow Teal.

Also at Bed Bath & Beyond, I saw a Nicole by OPI display with what I expected to be the second group of colors from the collection (the ones I swatched back in February). Most of them were there, but two were not. This had Party Bus, Love My Pups, Color Me Country, Some Hearts, and Sing You Like a Bee from the second set and Carrie'd Away which was also in the first displays we saw back in February. I'm not sure when the two remaining colors, American as Apple Pie and Fisher Queen, will show up. I also spotted this display at Meijer and it was the same lineup of colors (not surprising, since the names are printed right on the display).

Nicole by OPI has also released Rougles, which are pastel textured polishes. Unlike the Gumdrops textures, these are not glittery. Shades are: Rock the Look, I'm Stucco on You, On What Grounds, and Sand in My Shoe. I saw these first at Meijer but have since seen at CVS.

The spring collection from NYC New York Color is City Bloom. There are five polishes here among the rest of the makeup: Mimosa Bouquet, Sunset Park Pink, Robin's Egg Blue, Coral Crush, and Sweet Candy. The first four are cremes; the last is a shimmery sparkle top coat to use over them.

The OPI Spotlight on Glitter collection showed up at my Ulta. This has six shades: You Pink Too Much, Desperately Seeking Sequins, Rose of Light, I Reached My Gold, Chasing Rainbows, and Blush Hour.

Sally Beauty had OPI Fashion Plate, a tie-in with Major League Baseball. Seven colors here: 7th Inning Stretch, Orange You Going to the Game (sold out before I got there), Girls Love Diamonds, Umpires Come Out at Night, Love Athletes in Cleats, Short-stop, and Right off the Bat.

I was very surprised to walk into one of my Rite Aids and see Piggy Polish. I've only ever seen it at Ulta before, but here were two full displays at Rite Aid. On the left, there's Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky, which has Yellow There, Be Blue-tiful, and Vincent's Stars. On the right, Scent-sational has Sun Scents, It's Bouquet, and Makes Sense. The first set didn't look familiar to me, but the second set was at Ulta last summer in a display called Engage Your Scent-ses.

The Revlon Haute Rocks display was at Bed Bath & Beyond. The text says these polishes have "3D matte sparkle inspired by exotic pebbled beaches". There are eight shades plus Matte Top Coat here: Balinese Bay, Brazilian Beach, Moroccan Oasis, Tahitian Coast, Caribbean Cove, Seychelles Sand, Lana'i Lagoon, and Mayan Riviera.

I've seen three different offerings from Rimmel since my last display post, each in a different chain of stores. First, The Festival Colour display of 60 Seconds polishes showed up at Meijer. There were six slots, but every time I came across it, there were only five colors: Midnight Skinny Dip, Funtime Fuchsia, Purple Reign, Green Eyed Monster, and Instyle Coral.

CVS had Rimmel Salon Pro, which apparently is a new line created in collaboration with Kate Moss. Some of the bottles have Kate's signature printed on them and some don't, so I guess Kate didn't wasn't into all the colors. Front row: New Romantic, Soul Session, Hip Hop, Hot Gossip, Purple Rain. Back row: Chic Chick, Barmy Blue, Simply Sizzling, Britpop, and Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Top Coat.

Rite Aid had Rimmel Sweetie Crush, their entry into the textured polish marketplace. Again there's the six slots and five colors setup. Shades are: Candyfloss Cutie, Fizzy Applelicious, Blueberry Whizz, Violet Swizzle, and Sherbet Sweetheart.

Sally Hansen has put out a ton of new stuff for spring under the themes of Color Vibrations and Color Destinations. In my last display post, I shared some mostly pastel Complete Salon Manicure colors and some Xtreme Wear glitters. At that time, I'd seen the Xtreme Wear colors only in a combined endcap display with the CSM and other things. I've since spotted a standalone display with just the Xtreme Wear shades. It's called Glitter Mania and has popped up at Rite Aid. Shades here: Rock Chic, Glam Fest, Purple Petals, Rouge Rush, Galaxy Green, Indi-glow, Lightshow, and Ripple Effect.

A few weeks ago, I swatched the Triple Shine Palm Beach Jellies, including a shot of the display from Meijer. The Meijer display was made from white plastic, but this past weekend, I saw a black plastic display of the jellies at a CVS. The colors in this one were arranged more to my liking, with the warm trio and cool trio grouped together.

Also at CVS, I saw limited edition Sally Hansen Insta Dri colors in the Moroccan Express display: Sizzlin' Saffron, Surspice, Poppin' Paprika, Pep in Your Step, and Moracc-go.

Still at CVS, there was the Bermuda Breeze collection of limited edition Diamond Strength colors: White Beaches, Hi Shineciety, Fresh Glare, Boardwalk, Sparkling Water, Shell Secrets, Gossip Pearl, and Social Sea-n.

But wait, there's more. Meijer and Rite Aid had the South Beach Shores display with four Salon Effects designs (in new packaging, with fewer strips for a lower price): A Little Bubbly, Done to Scale, Sand Art and Got Gills.

Oddly, there is another South Beach Shores display that has four different Salon Effects designs in the new packaging, along with some of the nail art stuff released earlier this year. These designs are called Adoryble, Coral Group, Walk the Plank, and Plenty of Fish.

At Walgreeens, they had a Color Destinations endcap unit that had the Moroccan Express Insta Dri colors, all eight South Beach Shores Salon Effects designs, the Bermuda Breeze Diamond Strength shades, plus some nail art stuff and patterned emery boards.

I didn't get to Sally Beauty in March until after I did my last display post, so I missed getting last month's Sally Girl offering up until now. Ice Cream Shoppe had four milky bases with black glitter: Mint Chip, Cherry Chip, Grape Sherbet, and Chocolate Chip.

When I went to Sally Beauty this past weekend, Ice Cream Shoppe was gone. In its place was Fresh Picked, four milky bases with multi glitter: Fresh as a Daisy, So Re-leafed, Petal Pusher, and Mulberry Affair.

Sinful Colors seems to be taking a bit of a break. The only new thing I've seen from them in the last month is a display at Walgreens called Mod Mod World, which mostly has stuff we've seen in other displays. The top row does have some pots of loose glitter called Shag Shakers that are new. The polish colors are mostly core or from the Oh My Mod and Mod in Bloom displays that were in my March post, but there are a handful of new colors: Bright Lights Pink City (which is orange) and On the Bright Side (yellow) in the top row of polishes and All Day and All Bright (blue) and Pink Happy Thoughts (actually pink) in the second row of polishes.

Meijer had the spring Studio M collection, Pretty in Pastel. Top row: Hydrangea Kiss (x2), Blushing Rose, Blue-ming, Covered in Diamonds, Blue Valentine, Cucumber, Poetic Hues. Middle: Tru Passion (x2), Frenzy (x2), East Austin, Sweet Dreams, Wicker Park, Age of Aquarius. Bottom: Vintage Couture, Whose That Girl (x2, and why the heck they can't correct that name one of these times they repromote the color I do not know), Punked, Neon Caution (x2), and Total Wow (x2). I lacked the patience this time to figure out which are new; most are not, I know that for sure.

Rite Aid had Summer Brights, another Blue Cross offering. Unlike last year, this year they're in square bottles. The color assortment is a bit different, but they still don't have shade names.

Finally, the standalone display of Wet 'n' Wild Street Art has shown up at Rite Aid. Previously, the only place I'd seen these colors was in the sidekick at Walgreens that was in my last display post.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Of course that will pass and I'll be out making my rounds and hunting for new displays again before too long.


  1. OMG You kill me!!! *is dead* So glad I already have the Superheroes polishes or I would be driving myself BONKERS trying to find them. lol

  2. I'm surprised you didn't have a funny comment about Summer Brights...pastel nail polish....aka brights and pastel aren't quite the same and you usually have a witty comment about things like this lol!

    I hope to go to US in next week or so and will have to watch out for these displays!

  3. Not overwhelmed I am excited! Thanks for my favorite post!!

  4. I'm intrigued by the bleached neons! Another amazing display post!

  5. I love the range and neatness of the displays you showed! Thank you so much! Most of the displays I see are disarrayed and messy. Sometimes I want to offer my services as a nail polish sorter. At Ulta, in front of the Essie or OPI sections, I find myself rearranging the polishes that have been misplaced or left on the ledge! Drives me nutz! This is a beautiful posting.

  6. WOW - my jaw dropped - soooooo many displays, I need to come and visit you soon LOL
    And all hose pastels and bright and bold colors - woow - so many beauties!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. oh, spring is here, just look at all those pastel colors, gorgeous <3
    color club and nicole by opi would love to have :D

  8. I wish we had Color Club and many other brands in my area :)

  9. Thanks for another great display post!

  10. I'm so in love with the Palm Beach Jellies!

  11. I like the alphabetized take on the displays :D I think the Color Club Mosaic polishes interest me the most!

  12. This post was overwhelming...Too many pretties +_+
    I wonder if the Color Club Mosaic polishes look like Kiko Cupcakes (that would be almost identical to Nicole by OPI Roughles)...
    The Sally Girl (I think they're minis, I own an old scented one from this brand) are too cute!!


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