Friday, April 4, 2014

Barielle Spring 2014 Vibrants Collection

Barielle kindly sent along their spring 2014 releases for review. They have two collections out for this season; today I have the Vibrants, six mostly bright cremes. (The other collection is the Velvets, which I'll have later this month, as it took a more circuitous route to me, arriving well after the Vibrants. I think that box took the long way around.)

The six shades are My City Apartment, Money Talks, Take Me Shopping, Fire Me Up, Designer's Shoe (that's what it says on the bottle; the website says Designer's Shoes, and would have called it Designer Shoes), and First Class Ticket.

These seemed to naturally pair up, so I swatched them that way. My City Apartment, a light grey creme, buddied up with Money Talks, a mint creme. I alternated them on my nails, doing two coats of the grey and three of the green, and that looked a little plain to my eyes, so I dotted the grey with green and vice versa, then dotted the dots with the other color and added topcoat.

I did the same thing with Fire Me Up, an orange creme that took three coats, and Take Me Shopping, a coral pink that took two. This was less successful, as the two colors are very similar in hue and value, so instead of contrasting, the dots sort of blended in and from some angles just looked like weird deformations in the polish. I can't recommend this look to wear as a mani, but maybe I should start doing comparisons with layered dots, as it does show how closely the colors resemble each other. Fire Me Up is definitely true orange, and Take Me Shopping is definitely not, but they have a similar look

The last pair is Designer's Shoe, a blue-leaning medium toned purple creme, and First Class Ticket, a cornflower-leaning medium blue creme. Both were two coats, though I might have been able to get away with one of Designer's Shoe (or Shoes or whatever it should be called). Some of my dots went rather wonky on this go 'round, but I do like these two colors together.

Barielle generally does good cremes, and these are definitely in that tradition. They're available from the Barielle website for $8 a bottle.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. They all look beautiful! My favourite would have to be Money Talks, the colour is so gorgeous x

  2. Money Talks is my favorite - the only one I would call fairly bright of this lot, but I like your beautiful swatches and combinations...

  3. You paired them wonderfully! I'll have to watch out for this collex when they show up at Winners!

  4. These are pretty but they don't scream spring to me.

  5. Beautiful shades :D I love how you used them!


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