Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Matte Topcoat Comparisons, Part 8

In my previous matte topcoat comparison at the end of January, I said I'd have another one "before too long". That turned out to be not so true, as here it is two months later, though I guess that could be considered soon if one has a very long time horizon.

Today I've got four new to me matte topcoats: Glitter Guilty Mattify Top Coat, Rescue Beauty Lounge Matte Top Coat, H & M Matte Top Coat, Kleancolor Madly Matte. I bought the RBL; the other three were gifts from my friend Trish, who has excellent nail polish hunting skills.

Here they are on the nail over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme, in the same order as the bottles above. The RBL is the winner of this quartet when the scores for matteness and ease of application are combined. The Kleancolor comes in second; it's decently matte and readily available (at Amazon and other places), but it didn't level as well as the RBL. I'm not sure if that was due to the formula or the brush; in any case, a second coat might have resolved the issue, but I am generally too impatient to do two coats of topcoat. The Glitter Guilty and the H & M are in a photo finish for third; they're just very slightly less matte than the Kleancolor (but still definitely matte, not satin).

Here's another look at these four:

I advanced the top two from the first group to a matte off with my two current favorites from my stash. Left to right: Wet 'n' Wild Matte Topcoat, Rescue Beauty Lounge Matte Top Coat, OPI Matte Top Coat, and Kleancolor Madly Matte.

And on the nail below. The RBL is really good. It's also really expensive at $18 a bottle, which means that the 99 cent Wet 'n' Wild remains my overall matte topcoat champion.

I haven't gotten any more matte toppers since I swatched these, so there is no Part 9 of this series in the works right now. Of course if I do see a mattifier I don't have, I will buy it, so I expect this is to be continued.

Links to all the episodes in this series (so far):

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  1. I saw the Wet'n'Wild matte topcoat yesterday but passed on it ... looks like I'll be going back!

  2. OMG I didn't know KleanColor put out a matte topcoat. Going to be keeping my eyes peeled. >_>

  3. Love your dedication to finding the mattest matte! You inspired me to get the WnW matte even though I have enough matte toppers to drown in!

  4. Wow, you do have many mattes Karen - another great comparision!

  5. Have you tried NYC's matte top coat? I picked it up at a CVS, so it's not too expensive... I like it personally, but I do not have much experience with other matte top coats :)

    1. it's in her part 2 comparison. :) it was nice, but more of a satin finish to me. i think i'll actually get it for when i want a satin finish.

  6. i was never a huge fan of a matte finish until i wanted to try chalkboard nails and other nail art. i love your lengthy comparison!!! i think OPI, Essie, ChG, RBL, and surprisingly, Wet-n-Wild are my faves!! i recently picked up ChG on clearance at Ulta; i wish i saw your comparison prior to my purchase because even though i bought it for a really good price i could have saved even more and just got the WW (and it would've been a bigger bottle). even though some weren't great for matte, they made for a great satin finish, so i guess i'll have to pick up that nyc. this info is good to know for future reference in case i run across someone who needs to know or i need a replacement. i'll have to follow your page and check out your other posts. i'm eyeballing a few opi shades and in the market for a good black and white polish, so hopefully i'll find some dupe or comparison posts on your blog that will help me. thanks for doing this! glad i came across your blog. oh and go tigers!! ;D

  7. Another awesome comparison! I love how the WnW one looks! Definitely looks as good as the RBL one :D

  8. love your comparisons :D
    who know, maybe in croatia we can get w'n w matte topcoat... hope so :D


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