Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wheel C8: Shimmery Toppers from Revlon, Lilacquer, and Girly Bits

Nail Wheel Wednesday is back today, with sheer shimmery polishes on their own and over black. The first six are from an old Revlon release called Sweet Nothings; there was a Dark Pleasures collection of deep hued shimmers that came out around the same time as these and could be paired with them for layering. Then there are three from Lilacquer that I was fortunate to swatch before they even had names (you can see those photos in this post); I wish she'd come back and make polish again. Finally, there's one from Girly Bits, the first duochrome I bought from her.

1. Revlon Sweet Nothings Satin Sheets (3 coats)
2. Revlon Sweet Nothings Nude Nightie (3)
3. Revlon Sweet Nothings Barely Blush (3)
4. Revlon Sweet Nothings Please Me Pink (3)
5. Revlon Sweet Nothings Lilac Lingerie (3)
6. Revlon Sweet Nothings Rendez Blue (3) [the only one of these Revlons that I might wear on its own; I found it interesting that it's not the one that turned blue when layered over black]
7. Lilacquer Blue to Green (2) [later known as Selkie]
8. Lilacquer Gold to Green (2) [later known as Lycanthrope]
9. Lilacquer Red to Green (2) [later known as Kitsune]
10. Girly Bits Shift Happens (2)
11 through 20. Same order as above, two coats over black creme.

Bottles 1 through 6:

7 through 10:


  1. Amazing what a difference black undies make... wow!

  2. whoa I have never seen Revlon bottles like that! Very interesting polishes wish they would come out with something similar now!

  3. I like this type of toppers - you can create so much with them :)

  4. I love that you show these over black. They look amazing!


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