Monday, August 10, 2015

IKEA Mini-Meet the Second

While I have not recovered my blog posting mojo, my motivation to meet up with my nail polish ladies is unabated. This past Saturday, I went to the second Michigan Nail Girls (and Guys, though we're still waiting for our first guy) IKEA meet. Yes, IKEA on a Saturday. It wasn't nearly as crazy and crowded as you might be thinking.

As I had when I met up with Julie, I did a mani for this event inspired by the colors in the shirt I planned to wear. Because I am still not back into the swing of things, I only have room light photos of this combination.

My index finger has SinfulColors A-Crush (from one of the fall displays I haven't even done a post about yet) topped with CinaPro Nail Sugar Jelly Bean (which I bought at a Sally Beauty in Florida when I was with Julie; I've not seen this shade up here in Michigan). My middle and ring are Pure Ice Grape Crush (purchased on my drive to Florida) topped with Jelly Bean. Pinky and thumb got Morgan Taylor Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds, Oh My (bought at one of the nail supply stores Julie took me to; I don't see any emeralds in it).

Again because I haven't quite settled into a new routine, I didn't write down how many coats of each polish I used. I did at least take the worst bottle shot ever so I'd be able to remember what I used: Tratamiento Curativo de Uñas, OPI Ridge Filler, the colors, and Diamond Dry topcoat. I do know it took two coats of topcoat to smooth the CinaPro.

I put that second coat of topcoat on just before I headed out the door to IKEA to meet up with the ladies. As usually happens with events like this, the number of people who RSVPed as attending on Facebook was more than the number who showed up. Still, attendance was up one from the first IKEA meet, so it's gaining momentum as a meetup location. Despite it being Saturday at lunchtime, we were able to get a table in the cafe (thanks, Tracey!) and eat and hang out and chat for a couple hours. My hand (@thekarend on Instagram) is at bottom center in the group mani shot below; moving clockwise, it's @kzoobeergirl, @honeybee_nails, @nailsbymercedes, Mercedes' adorable little sister who is only three so not yet on IG, @jamylyn_nails, and our hostess this time, @traceyloveslacquer.

I wasn't organized enough to have brought any polishes to swap, yet I still managed to come home with some thanks to the generosity of several of the ladies. And yes, that is Zoya Monet you see there, so I don't need to be sad anymore that I broke my bottle.

I've yet to have a bad time at a nail polish meetup, so whenever I can fit one in, I will. I'm looking forward to IKEA round 3 one day; people always need more Helmers, right?


  1. It must be fun meeting up with others like that - I would love that!
    The mani is a super good match with your shirt!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to do my first meet up.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun :-D

    So true. I've been thinking about getting another Helmer.... :-|

  4. Sounds like so much fun!!! YAY for getting a Monet replacement too :)

  5. Hurray for Monet replacement! That's fate. ;) Is that a Ouija board mouse pad?! Where did you find that? (remembers to click for notifications in case you respond lol)

  6. Such fun! I wish I could have gone!! Next time, for sure!


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