Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Not All That Recent NOTDs: Two Purples from Pahlish

Going through my backlog of photos to plan what to post, I found two purple manicures I did during the last couple of months with colors from Pahlish. That's not too surprising considering purple is still my favorite color (though green has been catching up lately), and Pahlish is one of my favorite brands.

Pahlish Madame Leota is first up. This plummy scattered holo shimmer with copper and other flakies was a Bespoke Batch released earlier this year, and I had to have it because it's a) pretty, b) purple, and c) named after a character in Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction.

I can't find my notes about this mani, so can't tell you what base or top coat I used or how many coats this was. Based on past experience with Pahlish, I'd guess it was two.

In the indirect illumination of the lightbox as above, the flakies are more prominent; in direct low room light, as below, the holo comes forward.

In the sun, of course, the holo really pops. I didn't have a chance to capture that until day two of this mani, so you'll see some slight tipwear below.

No tipwear in this outake—hah!

Pahlish Howling Ghosts, another Bespoke Batch, adorned my nails a while later. This one is a soft purple shimmer with gold flakes.

I do have my notes on this mani, so can tell you I laid down Duri Rejuvacoate and Salon Sciences Instant Artificials as a base, did two coats of Howling Ghosts, and topped things off with Diamond Dry.

Here's a look at Howling Ghosts in the sun on day two:

I got a big chip on one nail a couple days later; to camoflage the repair, I added a coat of Sally Hansen Insta Ombre in Layer on Lilac (I just put it on like a regular glitter topper; it does not instantly ombre by itself).

I almost wish I hadn't found these photos in my backlog, as it reminds me that I haven't gotten any new Pahlish lately. I really have to limit myself on even going to the website, as I pretty much always want everything, and neither my budget or my space can accommodate that.


  1. They both are beautiful - but the first is my favorite!

  2. Hi dear Karen! The first one is so elegant! A very nice colour. I have never tried this brand

  3. What a beautiful nail polishes!!! I miss your display post :(


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