Monday, August 24, 2015

Stamped Watercolor Nails

Wow, my blogging mojo is really taking its sweet time to get cranked back up again. Sorry. Retirement continues to be so busy I wonder how I ever found time to work. Today, though, I am determined to take time to write a post, just a small post, just a start back in the direction of blogging regularly.

To that end, I'm just going to share two looks I did when I was down in Florida playing with turtlechick aka Julie. She showed me how she makes watercolor-esque manis by laying down dots of jellies then smooshing them with a stamper to put them on the nail. This approach could be done on a solid base color, but since I was a stamping fool that weekend, I tried it over stamping. For my first try, I laid down a white creme base (not sure of the brand or shade since it's something I decanted), stamped over it with Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Black Creme and Julie's St. Merry plate from GoGoOnly. Then I plopped dots of three of the jellies from Wet Paint onto a piece of plastic, smooshed them with my squishy stamper, and rolled that over the stamping. Jellies used: Grape Minds Think Alike, Waterfalling for You, and I Am Aquagirl. Neither my stamping nor my watercolor smooshing are perfect, but I like to think that makes the overall effect more artistic.

I liked the effect so much I tried it again with warm-hued jellies, again all from Wet Paint: Orange Julia's, Jelly Rancher Red, Raincoat Slicker. I used the same base and stamping polishes and a design from the same plate. This time I tried the liquid latex I got from Ellagee to speed cleanup.

I am definitely going to be using this technique again ... just need to find the time to sit down and actually paint my nails! Right now they are sporting two layers of Duri Rejuvacote that really needs to be refreshed.

The Wet Paint polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes; see "wet paint" tag for review done previously.


  1. Love them! Of course it is even cooler that I was there to see them in person!

  2. Both manis are beautiful, but the first is my favorite!

  3. Both manis are really nice :-D

  4. The difference between pre- and post- clean up is always magical to me. hehehe Awesome manis!

  5. I didn't know about this technique, I think I'll try it, the manicures you made are very pretty!!!


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