Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Colour Prevails Trio

When the Colour Prevails display went up at my Walgreens back in April or May, I bought a few of the polishes to try but as often happens, got distracted by other things and didn't actually try them for months and months. Fortunately, these are core colors so still in stores.

I started with a pale yellow green creme called Socially Awkward. This was three coats, and I found the winged handle didn't help me at all, possibly because I am really comfortable working with more conventionally shaped handles. (The wing does pull off if you don't care to use it.)

I stamped on top of Socially Awkward with the shimmer I selected to try, Blue Blood, and added clear topcoat. (If I'm interpreting my notes correctly, the design is from Born Pretty plate 65.)

Then it was Blue Blood's turn in the spotlight. I was a one-coater; I added a line of square stones and sealed the look with clear topcoat.

I topped Blue Blood with one coat of glittery Mr. Wrong, plus clear topcoat. On my thumb, I did three coats of Mr. Wrong plus topcoat, and it was still somewhat sheer.

These are fine polishes, but the handle is odd, and they're pricey: $8 for .34 oz.


  1. I do like the bottle. Nice colours :-D

  2. I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one that didn't care for the fancy cap. There was so much buzz when they first came out I thought there was something wrong with me lol.

  3. These are pretty colors but I think the bottles and handle are quite weird. And none of my Walgreens have this brand anyway so oh well, lol.

  4. bottle is so cool ! i like both manis ! superb

  5. Huh... yeah, I like the bottle (okay, just the handle) design to look at, but.... definitely pricey for fairly normal colors. Maybe one day they'll release an awesome LE so I can justify the price. lol


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