Friday, September 25, 2015

HPB Presents Autumn

Sample provided for review

Part of getting back into my blogging routine is keeping up with the Hobby Polish Bloggers group on Facebook. This month's theme for the HPB blog linkup is fall/autumn, fittingly enough for this hemisphere. To do my look, I chose two colors from Zoya Fall 2015, the red creme Janel from the Focus collection and the brown shimmer Cinnamon from Flair. I did two coats over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and finished with Diamond Dry topcoat. I used rub-on decals from the scrapbook section of the crafts store to further decorate my nails. The particular decals I used have been sitting in my basement for several years, which was apparently too long, as a few of the designs didn't want to cooperate when I wanted to take them off the backing sheet, so I couldn't use those, but enough were fine that I mostly was able to make the vision in my head come to life on my nails. (For more on the rub-ons, see this post from the first time I used them.)

The two nails I broke two weeks ago are growing back nicely; they're almost long enough to blend in again (I couldn't bear to cut down all my nails to match, so I've been sporting two shorties all this time.)

My right hand has one anomoly, a purple butterly that doesn't really fit the autumn theme, but it practically peeled itself off the rub-on sheet to get on my nails, so I included it.

I'm going to take a tour and see what the other bloggers did for the theme; if you'd like to join me follow the links below. Happy Fall!

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. I liked the pinky finger decal. I can relate to broken nails. I just had to file mine down.

  2. I love the colors and the decals. Even the butterfly goes nicely. I always forget to use my decals :/

  3. Love the mix of decals and colors! Great ways to make both stand out.

  4. This is a great post to start off fall!! Check out my new swatch.

  5. These are so clever! Love the patterns on the leaves

  6. Amazing! I didn't know you could do that with hobby decals. Your thumb is amazing! Congratulations on starting up again. I love Cinnamon..


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