Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Essie Cashmere Matte Brights

When I was visiting Julie in Florida in August, I picked up the Essie Cashmere Matte Brights, an Ulta exclusive collection I'd previously overlooked, possibly because they aren't that bright and I might have mistaken them for leftover spring colors. Left to right: Yespadrilles, Sea the Sights, Hip-Tide, Soft as Sand.

I swatched these satin finish polishes in pairs, starting with the cool hues. Two coats of the light blue Sea the Sights went on my index and middle fingers. The pastel green Yespadrilles went on the other two digits; three coats on my ring finger and two on my pinky. Sea the Sights is a creme, while Yespadrilles has a very slight shimmer. Very slight.

The two pinks complete the set. Soft as Sand, the pastel one, is on my index and middle fingers; this was two coats. Hip-Tide, the more pigmented one, is on my ring (three coats) and pinky (two). Both of these have shimmer; Soft as Sand is on the very subtle side, like Yespadrilles, while Hip-Tide shows it more.

They are a more colorful, less neutral bunch than the original Cashmere Matte collection, but I sure wouldn't call them bright. Maybe I could make a case for Hip-Tide, at least in comparison to the other three here. I do like the finish of these, but wish they actually were bright.


  1. Essie doesn't always understand the meaning of bright or neon. The green and blue are very pretty though. I still need to get a couple of the original colors.

  2. They are very pretty shades all of them!!

  3. Despite the brightness paradox :P those are some really pretty colours ^_^

  4. These are pretty and I like the finish :-)

  5. How does the formula on these compare to the first cashmere mattes released?

  6. Just went to Ulta for my birthday gift ($18 lipgloss?! *dies*) and they had Hip-tide and Yespadrilles on clearance so I snatched them up. ^_^ Shame they didn't have Sea The Sights. Ah well.


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