Thursday, September 24, 2015

Essie Silk Watercolor Layering Experiments

Continuing along the Essie vein from Tuesday, today I have some playing I did with the Essie Silk Watercolor collection (which of course were also included in the jelly polish comparisons post). Left to right: Love Sheen, Blush Stroke, Art New-beau, Muse Myself, White Page, Highest Bidder, No Shrinking Violet, Point of Blue, Pen & Inky.

To start, I did a handful of the warm colors, laying two coats of them down over two coats of White Page as a base. Top to bottom: Muse Myself, Art New-beau, Blush Stroke, Love Sheen.

Then the real fun: layering. I was just interested in seeing how these combined, so I just did a very rough gradient. Starting at left: Muse Myself plus Art New-beau and Blush Stroke, Art New-beau plus Blush Stroke and Love Sheen, Blush Stroke plus Love Sheen and Muse Myself, Love Sheen plus Muse Myself and Art New-beau. I added topcoat to even out the layers a bit.

Then the cool hues (well, cool-er in one case), again two coats over two coats of White Page: Highest Bidder, No Shrinking Violet, Point of Blue, Pen & Inky.

Rough gradients here, starting at left: Highest Bidder plus No Shrinking Violet and Point of Blue, No Shrinking Violet plus Point of Blue and Pen & Inky, Point of Blue plus Pen & Inky and Highest Bidder, Pen & Inky plus Highest Bidder and No Shrinking Violet.

In general, these layer with each other pretty nicely, with the exception of the two pinks being too close in color to each other. I'd also like it if the purple were a tad more pigmented. Still, they're a lot of fun to play with.


  1. They look interesting in gradient!

  2. Nice. I like what you've done in the last photo :-D

  3. These manicures are so bright and happy!!

  4. I like the effect of them layered!

  5. That first Essie gradient just screams "candy corn" to me - I may have to consider that for my annual Halloween manicure :)

  6. That's a nice experiment with a great result!

  7. So much prettiness! You're really trying to convince me to get some of these ultra-sheer jellies.... hehehehe


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