Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Selections from SinfulColors Holiday 2015

This time I have a really good excuse for my gap in posting: I packed up most of my wardrobe and a lot of other stuff and drove across the country, relocating for ski season to northern Idaho. Along the way, Mr. K and I also attended a nephew's college graduation and hosted a mini family reunion. I did bring a fair bit of nail polish with me, and stamping supplies, and glitter, and they do have stores here for me to stalk displays in (though no CVS, Meijer, or Five Below, and I have to drive an hour or so to get to the nearest Walgreens and Rite Aid), so I will be blogging in between hitting the slopes. Right now, though I have some swatches backlogged from before I started trying to decide what I'd need to pack to get through the winter.

Because I really am trying to cut back on my stash expansion, I only got four of the new SinfulColors shades that were in the big holiday display: Silver Crush, Star Studded, Touch of Class, and Flake Out.

Touch of Class is a silver grey shimmer with pinkish lavender highlights.

Unfortunately, the lavender pretty much disappears on the nail, with the overall impression being a brushstrokey, slightly lumpy silver grey. On the plus side, it only took two coats despite being a light color.

Fortunately, I had glitter to distract me from the disappointment of Touch of Class. Flake Out has sky blue hex glitter, holographic white snowflake glitter, and blue shimmer in a transparent base.

I dabbed one coat of Flake Out over Touch of Class, fishing for the snowflakes. The blue shimmer in Flake Out's base gets lost against the silver grey, but the glitter stands out.

Silver Crush has silver square and shard glitter and silver holo bar glitter in a clear base.

I tried Silver Crush over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Midnight Affair; since I wanted to see Flake Out over a darker base, I used it on an accent nail. I did two coats of the glitters over the blue. Silver Crush went on easier, as it had no shaped glitter to fish for. I added topcoat to smooth things out though they really weren't that bumpy. You can see how much better the blue shimmer in Flake Out shows up against the darker base color.

There is a gold version of Silver Crush called Twilight Twinkles which I passed on in favor of the other golden glitter in the display, Star Studded. This is a close sibling to Flake Out, with stars instead of snowflakes and gold shimmer and glitter instead of blue.

I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Cafe au Lait as a base, leaving an accent nail bare to show Star Studded on its own. I did two coats of Star Studded over the neutral base and three coats on its own on the accent nail. The stars were easier to get out of the bottle than the snowflakes in Flake Out.

I can't recommend Touch of Class, but I do like the glitters. Silver Crush was the easiest to apply but I liked the look of the other two more, as they had the shimmer in the base, too, so were more interesting to me.


  1. Flake out is a really pretty, wintery glitter. I will be looking for it! ;)

  2. Flake out on top of touch of glass is looking so pretty! I also like Silver Crush! Nice swatches! <3

  3. Oh, wow! Those little stars are adorable! They look just like broadway nails I made at my favorite salon.

  4. Gold star glitter paint beautiful! Like!!


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