Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wet 'n' Wild We're the Wild Ones

Unlike the restraint I showed in only getting two-thirds of the new shades SinfulColors put out for Holiday 2015, I grabbed all six of the limited edition polishes from the Wet 'n' Wild We're the Wild Ones display. Left to right: Naughty and Iced, Bring the 'Pagne, Where My Ho Ho Hos At, Holiday Spirits and Wine, Los Feliz Navidad, Garnet My Heel Broke.

I paired these up for swatching purposes because my impatience was getting the better of me on that particular day; so many polishes, so little time! First up, Bring the 'Pagne with an accent nail of Naughty and Iced. Bring the 'Pagne, is an icy blue slightly textured glitter with both micro and small glitter pieces (what look like darker flecks on some nails in photos are just the larger glitters catching the light differently). I used two coats of this one. Naughty and Iced is a gold polish with a similar finish, though I only used one coat of it. I did add topcoat to both of these, as I wanted more of a shiny look. To get these really shiny, though, would require either additional coats of the thin topper I used or one of a plumping topcoat. Of this pair, Bring the 'Pagne is more suited to my skintone, and I liked it so well I've had it on my toes for the past couple weeks.

Holiday Spirits and Wine got an accent nail of Where My Ho Ho Hos At (I suppose with a brand name like Wet 'n' Wild, a shade name like that is no surprise). Holiday Spirits is a wine jelly with scattered silver and holo microglitter; I used two coats, no topcoat, and it was plenty shiny on its own. Where My Ho has the same micro and hex glitter texture finish that the first two polishes I shared have, just in a .pewter color. I used one coat plus topcoat, but probably should have gone with two coats.

I took this pair out in the sunshine to get the glitter in Holiday Spirits to pop.

Los Feliz Navidad with an accent of Garnet My Heel Broke made up the final pairing. Loz Feliz is another textured polish with the micro and hex glitter, but not monochrome like the previous ones. This has a deep blue base with gold and violet-leaning blue glitter. I used two coats plus topcoat for my swatch. Garnet My Heel Broke is also textured, but unlike its other bumpy siblings in the collection, just has silver microglitter in its black base. I think this name would have better paired with the reddish polish in the group rather thna this one, since most people think red or wine when they think of garnet stones. I used one coat plus topcoat of Garnet but should have done two.

In direct low light, you can see that one thin layer of topcoat doesn't smooth out the texture entirely. You can also see the pretty pops of color coming off Los Feliz.

This collection does feel festive to me, appropriate for New Year's Eve parties. I wonder why they didn't either go with all textures (and put that on the display) or do a more balanced mix of texture and non-. I expect some people bought these and put them on and just thought they were bad, bumpy glitters since neither the display nor the bottles say anything about the textured ones being textured that I recall.

What the collection doesn't feel to me is fresh, but of course I went texture polish crazy back when every brand seemed to have them, so it would take something really different in that arena to catch my interest. These textures all look similar to ones I've already got. Bring the 'Pagne looks like Orly Aqua Pixel. Naughty and Nice looks like L'Oreal The Statement Piece. Where My Ho Ho Hos At reminds me of L'Oreal Diamond in the Rough, OPI Baby Please Come Home, and possibly GOSH Frosted Purple and Orly Plum Pixel, and may. Los Feliz Navidad looks like L'Oreal Too Dimensional. Garnet My Heel broke puts me in mind of Zoya Dahlia, Nicole by OPI A-nise Treat, L'Oreal Rough Around the Edges, and Orly Black Pearl. I wish I'd brought all those out with me to Idaho so I could do comparisons but alas, very tough choices had to be made.

So I'd say, if you missed the texture trend in the last couple years and feel regret about that, these would be good to grab. The odd one out here, Holiday Spirits and Wine, is very pretty, so if I can only keep one, that'll be it from this collection.


  1. Very Merry Christmas !!
    Beautiful colors, red is my favorite combination of gold!


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