Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas NOTD

Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating today! Mother Nature has outdone herself on the white Christmas front here in Northern Idaho—we've had four feet (122 cm) of snow in the last week!

On the slopes yesterday:

For this holiday week, I applied some festive nail polish strips from Incoco. I used the O Christmas Tree design, which I think was maybe new last year; I pulled it out of my strips stash so can't be sure. This has a silver foil background with multiple sizes of dots in red, pink, and two shades of green, plus accent nail strips which have dotted Christmas trees.

I experimented with one nail on my left hand and cut a Christmas tree out of an accent strip and stuck it on top of the dots; that wasn't that successful since it all blends together. But still festive! (I haven't unpacked my lightbox yet, so all the nail photos today are taken next to a window in natural light.)

My mysterious right hand makes a special holiday guest appearance:

These have been holding up well; after five days, I've got some tip wear and a growth gap at my base but otherwise my left hand looks good.

My right hand doesn't look quite as nice; I've scraped off parts of the strips on my thumb and index finger getting my ski pass on and off the metal ring that attaches it to my coat. I need to find a better solution there, as the pass is also a method of payment for lunches and such on the hill; we load it with more funds when we run out so we don't have to carry cash or other cards while we ski.

I hope all of you reading this are having a wonderful holiday season!


  1. Merry Christmas!! These wraps are cute! Too bad your right hand didn't last longer.

  2. Merry Christmas - and the wraps are really sweet!

  3. What about a mini carabinier for your pass?

  4. Merry Belated Christmas! lol. I can't believe how much snow you have there; we had a very green Christmas and still no snow in the forecast.

  5. These nail strips are nice... I love the colours over the silver :) the Christmas tree you made looks good too

    Maybe you could put your ski pass on a key chain with a clip? I did that with my work keys


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