Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Funky Fingers Star Wars Collection

You may have noticed I didn't include anything from Five Below in my recent display post. It's not that they haven't put out any new polishes, it's that my patience with their lackadasical approach to displays is wearing thin. The new colors don't necessarily all show up at the same store at the same time, or if they do, they aren't put on the shelves next to each other or don't have any signage, so I get frustrated. Not so frustrated I've stopped going to the stores or buying the polish, though. I picked up some Star Wars-themed colors recently. At the time I got them, they were just in random bins; yesterday I saw some with "Use the Force" signs clipped to some of the bins.

I've been to several stores and as far as I can see, there are four polishes in this collection (left to right below): Frozen and Carbonite (yep, "and" not "in"), Use the Force, Oh Be One (again, yep), and It's a Trap.

Frozen and Carbonite is a light neutral shade, one of those in between shades I tend to like, not quite taupe, not quite gold. It seems like a throwback color to me, something that would have been popular in an earlier decade. It's certainly got a throwback finish, being a frosty shimmer with a hint of liquid metal. I used three coats for my swatch, and try as I might, could not eliminate the brushstrokes. This might benefit from having the last coat sponged on, but I haven't felt like going to that trouble since I tried the technique way back in 2012, with OPI Your Web or Mine.

Instead of sponging at the brushstrokes, I tried distracting from them with the one glitter polish in this group, Use the Force, which has white, pink, gold, and black bars in a clear base.

I did one coat of Use the Force over Frozen and Carbonite then dabbed on probably the equivalent of another coat as the glitter didn't want to distribute evenly when brushed on. The bars did lay pretty flat on the nail, though the gold doesn't look like it in photos due to how reflective it is. The glitter did distract from the brushstrokes, but I don't think the dirty gold makes a good base for it. The pink bars get lost and the shiny yellow gold clashes. The black and white are fine, though black glitter is still not on my favorites list.

Oh Be One is another throwback shade; this white pearly frost looks a lot like some of the polishes I used back in the 70s when I was a mere girl. I used three coats of this, though two might have sufficed, as it is more opaque than Frozen and Carbonite. It does have a nice glow to it; pity about the brushstrokes.

Topping Oh Be One with Use the Force was a more sucessful pairing than with Frozen and Carbonite. The white did get a bit lost, but the gold didn't clash at least.

The last shade, It's a Trap, is a turquoise shimmer, which doesn't seem to coordinate with the other three colors. It does look very similar to one of the shades from the Peter Pan/Disney Parks collection from this past spring, Off to Neverland. Here they are side by side; Off to Neverland on the left, It's a Trap on the right.

On the nail, left to right: It's a Trap, Off to Neverland, It's a Trap, Off to Neverland. I can't tell them apart; both were barely opaque at three coats. Due to the dupey-ness of these, I didn't see any reason to swatch It's a Trap by itself, as it would look just like this photo.

Overall, this collection is just okay. I like Star Wars more than I like these polishes. The gold, white, and black colors do work well for the theme, but the pink in the glitter doesn't seem to fit, and the turquoise doesn't really eaither, and it's just annoying since they just did that same color earlier this year. The brushstrokes of course are not a good thing, though maybe that was intentionally retro. I kind of doubt that much thought went into it though. So, all in all, I recommend getting other Funky Fingers colors, unless you like bar glitter, in which case get Use the Force.


  1. I actually got to go to Five Below last weekend. I grabbed Frozen and Carbonite and Use the Force. I am not positive if I saw the other two, if I did I wasn't impressed enough to grab them. I'm not real impressed with how these beauty companies made their Star Wars collections (Cover Girl I'm looking at you)

  2. We don't have a Five Below or I would be there scouring those bins all the time! I really like the looks of that pink, gold, and white glitter over the white frosty polish.

  3. I think my top choice would be the Use the Force, and even that I'm not too impressed with. This collection seems a bit unimpressive. Pretty photos though! :)

  4. I really like Oh Be One. Looks so nice and white and opaque. I'm with you, though.... it doesn't seem like it should be that difficult to keep new collections together. :/

  5. I love Star Wars, so I'm quite disappointed by the polishes....the first one should have been at least a dark one :-(
    Anyway there are no Funky Fingers retailers here, so maybe it's better that way!

  6. I love those Funky Fingers polishes! The blue one is my favorite, I just bought it about 2 weeks ago! Now I can make my manicure look like magic nails)


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