Monday, January 18, 2016

First All Inland Northwest Displays

One of my New Year's resolutions, informal though that list may be, is to not let my display photos back up so much, thus here I am, not even three weeks since my last display post with more shopping finds to share. These are all from my recent trip which took me not just to the nearest big-ish city of 40 thousand people but also to the even bigger city closest to that of 200 thousand people plus. Even combined, they're no match for the huge metro Detroit area I'd gotten used to but there's still lots of polish to see.

One of the things I was looking for this time was the Essie display with the Starry Starry Night reformulation, but the situation at both of the Ulta stores I went to was this:

Signage, but no trace of the display or the polishes. I thought maybe they just hadn't put them out yet, so circled back around to one store after I'd run the rest of my errands but there was still nothing. I asked and the sales associate got the manager to come talk to me; she said "yeah, I don't know why we put that up; we don't have those yet". Okay then.

I saw this janky display for the LA Colors Color Craze Gel line at a Fred Meyer store. Usually patrons there are better behaved than to "test" polishes like this. These aren't new; I just hadn't run into them before. The bottles were somewhat mixed up by the time I saw them, but fortunately the display itself listed the colors that should be there, complete with colored stripes to show the shade family: Frosting (clear), Damsel, Mademoiselle, Socialite, Vampy, Fierce, Knockout, Stunner, Posh, Untamed, Vixen, Muse, Risque, Rockin' It, Daring, and Tempt.

In a different Fred Meyer, I saw a different LA Colors Color Craze Gel display that had 16 new colors (how new, I'm not sure, but the display was much less molested that the first one). Again, bottles were somewhat randomly place but the display copy showed me what should be there: Dazzling, Pink Sugar, Intuition, Giggle, Sassy, Magical, Spontaneous, Amplify, Foxy, Ice Princess, Ravishing, Red Carpet Ready, Envy, Chateau, Never Ending, Masquerade.

Sally Beauty had the OPI Hello Kitty collection. Top row: Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel, Super Cute in Pink, My Twin Mimmy, 5 Apples Tall, My Pal Joey, Never Have Too Mani Friends. Bottom row: Kitty White, Charmmy & Sugar (sold out), Let's Be Friends, Look at My Bow, Small + Cute = Heart, Spoken From the Heart.

There were two gift sets as well. Charmmy & Sugar and Let's Be Friends with Hello Kitty printed toe separators was one; Look at My Bow and Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel with a Hello Kitty coin purse was the other.

Also at Sally Beauty, I saw a four-shelf display celebrating the 40th anniversary of Orly. Apparently they are celebrating by not making new colors for the occasion. Top shelf is 40 Years of Favorite Color: Va Va Voom, Haute Red, Purple Crush, Mirrorball, Glowstick. (I would have loved to see them bring back some earlier colors, like a few of the birthstone collection, for instance). Second shelf is 40 Years of Pinks: Hot Shot, Beach Cruiser, Kiss the Bride, Passion Fruit, Oh Cabana Boy. Third shelf is 40 Years of French Manicures: White Tips, Beverly Hills Plum, Rose Colored Glasses, Sheer Nude, Bare Rose. Bottom shelf is 40 Years of Treaments: Tough Cookie, Bonder, Argan Oil Cuticle Drops, Nailtrition, In a Snap. (I'm sad that Nail Defense isn't there; it was the first nail treatment I really fell in love with.)

Last time I shared a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure display with 14 new shades; this time I saw a larger display at Fred Meyer with those 14 colors plus another seven. Front row (these are ones that weren't in the smaller display): Chocoholic, Bordeaux Glow, Pink Stiletto, Midnight Mod, Flash-ionista, S-teal the Show, Slate-r Girl. Middle row: Head Bang, Scarlet Starlet, V-amplified, Motley Hue, Punk-ish Purple, Rock On, Stilettos & Studs. Back row: Pink-terest, Electric Pop, World Wide Red, Byte Blue, Let's Get Digital, Digi-teal, Gigabryte.

Fred Meyer had a SinfulColors With Flying Colors Display which said it was "2016 New Launches" but that line definitely didn't apply to all the shades here. Left to right: Clear Coat (not new), Yolo Yellow (maybe new; shade number is 1598 but I don't recall seeing this before), Snow Me White (not new), Lie-Lac (new, #1701), Wondermint (maybe new, 1599), Hush Money (new, 1702), Blue La La (not new), Poisonberry (new, 1700).

Walgreens had SinfulColors Live in Color 2016 touting "hot new shades", which again did not seem apply to all the colors in the display (white, black, clear, I'm looking at you especially). Front row: Gold n' Roses, Cherry Blossom, Rebel Rose, Devil's Stare, Clear Coat. Back row: Snow Me White, Mint2BCool, Yolo Yellow, Mist-erious, Black on Black.

I also saw some Sinful Shine displays, starting with Shine Into the New Year at Fred Meyer. Most of the front row was all topcoat; the color on the end of the front row is Shimmer Shivers. In the back row: Diamond in the Raw, Gold Star, Prosecco, Tutu Thrill, Shine Annie. I know Prosecco is not new, but not sure about the others. Based on shade number, I'd say the newest are Shimmer Shivers and Gold Star, but that's just me guessing.

Walgreens had a different Sinful Shine display with the shades above plus more. Top row: Gold Star, Rendevous, Shimmer Shivers, Come Hither, Wisp, Top Coat (times 2). Bottom row: Haute Shine, Diamond in the Raw, Most Sinful, Prosecco, Shine Annie, Top Coat (times 2).

Finally, I spotted Wet 'n' Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel at Walgreens. This is their entry into the no light gel-like category, priced at $4.99 a bottle. Top row: It's Sher-Bert Day, Missy in Pink, Pinky Swear, Pale in Comparison, Condensed Milk, All That Jazzy. Middle row: Peri-wink-le of an Eye, Lavender Out Loud, Bye Feluschia, Pardon My Peach, Coral Support, Crime of Passion. Bottom row: Cyantific Method, Pretty Peas, Stay Classy, Left Marooned, Under My Plum, Power Outage.

That's all for now. There was nothing new at any of the Rite Aid stores I checked; I was hoping for some Bonita but no such luck. Maybe next time.


  1. Lovely display post - as always.
    Starry, Starry Night went up on color4nails yesterday, I have bought two ;)

  2. I so love these display posts!

    It's interesting that you didn't find any new Bonitas. I've been stalking my local Rite Aid (I'm in New England) for weeks now and have had no luck whatsoever. :/

  3. I ordered the Hello Kitty set with the coin purse while I was ordering a bottle of Starry Starry Night from Macy's. I figured I was going to buy both sooner or later so I might as well get it over with and get their free shipping deal! (That set had the "Dear Daniel" polish in it, which was the one I had decided I really wanted.)

    Hope you're enjoying the Northwest!!


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