Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More Swap Goodies

I was lucky to do a second international swap late last year, with Maria of Un poco de esmaltes. In a twist, she was traveling to the US so I shipped to her at her hotel and she shipped to me via the US Postal Service, which meant less expense and customs hassle. She packed a lot of lovelies into this cute bag:

She also wrote a note telling me which brands came from which countries, so I grouped the bottles that way for their photos, starting with the ones from Brazil. Left to right: Risque Color Effect in Granulado Rose and Nuvem de Paete, Linha Degradê da DNA Italy ombre kit in Lilás, Hits Phenomena in Air Glow, Miss Rôse unnamed color in an adorable apple bottle.

Brands from Columbia: Masglo in Brillo Escarlata and Vogue Fantastic Efecto Tornasol in Centella.

Brands from Argentina: Diva Duo Chrome Lilacblue, Cuvage 50, EV Arandano Dorado, Desseo Fantasia 1, Dulce Diallo Japon Okinawa, Amodil Spiagge (not sure of shade name), Laqueada in Clone Wars.

I couldn't resist the apple bottle, so started with the Miss Rôse, which is an autumnal orange creme. I used two coats.

The cap of this is unusual, too—sort of a wing shape.

I added two coats of Risque Granulado Rose to three of my fingers because glitter is usually a good idea.

I was curious about the DNA ombre kit, so tried that next. I first put the creme shade on; this was nicely pigmented and only took two coats, which was great for a light color like this. Then I added the sheer purple topcoat: one coat on my index finger building to four coats on my pinky. The topcoat was very thin so even adding four coats to the two of the creme didn't make that nail look too overloaded with polish.

I topped two coats of the Vogue duochrome shimmer with one of the Masglo glitter. I unfortunately didn't get a really good picture of the combination but hope this shot shows how the glitter blended with the brown/rust side of the duochrome shift and contrasted but still coordinated with the olive green side.

The black and white Laqueada glitter topper went perfectly over a base of two coats the Cuvage hot purple creme.

I finished my swatching session with the two milky glitters, putting two coats of the Dulce Diallo on my index finger and three coats of the Desseo on my other digits.

Even in retirement, I still run out of time to swatch before I run out of polish, but I hope to try the other lovelies from this swap one day soon.


  1. Ohhh those are all very cool polishes! I love that apple bottle, so cute. I like all of those polishes but I am going to look away now since they aren't going to be easy to find lol

  2. Love the fact that she sent you nail polishes from different Countries! And yes, the apple bottle is REALLY adorable! I have a similar bottle from a brand called Evershine (if I'm not wrong, it's a Polish brand), but the cap is different, it has a "classic" round shape.

  3. Wow great polishes! I'm loving them! :-D

  4. There are so many colors right in the middle of your favorites :)
    A lovely swap!

  5. I'm so happy that you have enjoyed the nail polishes :)
    I hope to do another swap in the future and send you more cute nail polishes :)

  6. Nice nails.

  7. So many colors. Very nice. Some I never heard of :)


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