Friday, January 8, 2016

Pretties from Portugal

As we've done the past several years, Akuma Kanji of Under the Gravity's Nails and I did a swap in the fall. Portuguese customs being what they are, she barely got the package I sent with Halloween goodies and polish in time for Halloween. I didn't have any trouble getting the package she sent, just trouble finding time to enjoy the contents, what with the house stuff and getting ready to relocate. But now things are settling down some, thank goodness, so I can share all the pretties she sent.

Let's kick off the fun with some bright colors from Inocos. These three are from the Maria Vaidosa (Vain Maria) collection: Verde Neon (Neon Green), Laranja Neon (Neon Orange), and Violeta Neon (Neon Purple). I know the translations because Akuma wrote out labels for me and stuck them on the back of the packages; she makes it so easy for me. :)

Two more from Inocos: Pequeno Pónei Fofinho (Cute Little Pony) from the Pequenos Póneis (Little Ponies) collection and Lindo como o Céu (Beautiful as the Sky) from the Raquel e Tufão collection.

Two from the Risqué Jóias Místicas (Mystical Jewels) collection: Topázio Púrpura (Purple Topaz) and Pedra Granada (Garnet Stone).

Kiko Power Pro (my first from this line): 37 Ocean, 30 Taupe, 04 Rose Sand, and 20 Cyclamen.

Catrice Limited Edition Lumination colors: Cosmic Pink, Stargazer, Interstellar, and HoloGREYphic.

More Catrice, Greyday Greyday and She Said Yes in Her Red Dress, and two Kiko Velvet Satin shades, 690 Misty Pink and 697 Midnight Blue.

Essence #secret party colors flanking one from the gel line: Pink Up Your Life, Too Pool for School, Bubble Gum, Swimming Pool to Go, and Keep Calm and Party On.

Andreia Higicol 85, Layla Softouch Effect 11 Mudhattan, Layla Hologram Effect 07 Ocean Rush, and Miyo Mini Drops 43 Menta.

Adorable little bag and a caviar nail kit with some of the sweets (others were eaten before they made it to photography).

With so many lovelies, it was hard to know where to start, especially knowing I couldn't try them all right away. I bravely proceeded with the Catrice Lumination colors, pairing them up so as not to use up too much at one time.

Top two fingers below are Stargazer and the bottom two are Interstellar. I used two coats of each, which I thought was great for such light colors. I might have even been able to get away with one thick coat of these.

Below, the top two fingers have three coats of HoloGREYphic (not holo, not grey on the nail, but pretty), the next has two of Cosmic Pink topped with one of HoloGREYphic, which turns out is not really a great layering polish even though I thought it might be, and the bottom finger has two coat of Cosmic Pink alone.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and do full hand swatches of the Kiko Velvet Satin colors, starting with 690 Misty Pink. This covered beautifully in two coats and wow, did I love the finish. I fancied I could see a bit of shimmer in the bottle, but on the nail it was just a soft glowy satin look.

The other Velvet Satin, 697 Midnight Blue, was also beautiful, and the shimmer in this one did show on the nail, very subtly. I used two coats but one might have sufficed.

I went from the elegance of the Velvet Satins to having fun with brighter colors from Essence. I combined Keep Calm and Party On, a soft orange creme, Pink Up Your Life, a coral pink creme, with The Gel in Bubble Gum, a sheer shimmery jelly. Top to bottom: Keep Calm alone at 3 coats, Keep Calm tips with two coats of Bubble Gum, Pink Up alone at 3 coats, and Pink Up tips with two coats of Bubble Gum for a funky French. The shimmer in Bubble Gum is scattered and invisible from some angles, but a nice surprise when it does pop.

Thanks to my friend I've never met for sending all these lovelies I'd not be able to get otherwise!


  1. Hi dear Karen! What a great package you received! Hope all is going well!
    Kisses ♡

  2. I'm really happy that you liked what I sent. I never bought those Kiko Satin for me and now I'm regreting it! :P

  3. Wow...Such a lovely package of happiness! <3

  4. Ohh... you got spoiled big time :)

  5. Oh my goodness so many pretties!! <3

  6. That is a really nice swap package :)

  7. So many pretty polishes! I haven't heard of most of these brands... I have a few Laylas and essence that I really like. I've heard of catrice and kiko but haven't tried them yet

  8. What a lovely swap, it looks like you got some real beauties! I also don't know many of these brands but its always fun to try new polishes from different countries!

  9. Nice colours. Here we cannot send nail polish by mail animore :(


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