Friday, January 29, 2016

Orly Infamous Collection

Where does the time go? Feels like I just picked up the Orly winter/holiday collection, yet here it is nearly the end of January and I'm just posting my swatches. There are six shades in this group: 15 Minutes of Fame, Gossip Girl, Front Page, Scandal, Makeup to Breakup, and Frenemy. Originally, I bought just the three most blingy of the colors, then on a return trip to Sally Beauty picked up the other three because a) Orly, a favorite brand of mine from way back, seems to need my help as I see them in fewer places than I used to and b) I like having a complete collection and when there are only six that's easier to justify.

I started my swatching with the color I had the most concerns about: Front Page. This ivory shimmer looked suspiciously frosty in the bottle, reminding me of the bad old days when all shimmers were really frosts. On the nail, these concerns were confirmed. I did three coats of this, with the third mostly just because I was trying to get my brushstrokes straight (I did not succeed on all my nails). Sure, sponging on the last coat would likely help this look better, but I don't want have to sponge unless I'm getting a nice gradient out of the effort. All that said, this is a pretty glowy color that looks good with my skintone. And the brushstrokiness isn't near the worst I've seen, so that's something.

I decided to see if I could camouflage the brushstrokes in Front Page by topping it with 15 Minutes of Fame, a red jelly with scattered microglitter and flakies. Adding one coat of 15 Minutes of Fame did provide some distraction from the frosty base but they were still there lurking. The combination of shades did make a nice cheery coral red color, though.

Next I tried 15 Minutes of Fame on its own. At two coats, it was not quite opaque and gave me a hint of phantom dirt line, but the sparkle was pretty.

More colors popped in direct light:

Scandal is a deep red creme. I used two coats for my swatch.

I couldn't just leave the plain red be, so I added two coats of 15 Minutes of Fame to all but my index finger. I liked this layering combination quite a lot.

In direct light:

The second creme in the collection is Makeup to Breakup, a dark teal blue. I used two coats of this one as well.

Gossip Girl has gold hex glitter with gold and red microglitter in a clear base. I put one coat of it plus topcoat over Makeup to Breakup, leaving my index finger plain as an accent. I bet this would have gotten opaque on its own, as one coat layered didn't leave much of the blue base showing. Since I was sure some other nail blogger swatched it that way, and I'm not that into gold, I moved on.

What I moved on to was the last polish in the collection, Frenemy, a black jelly with silver holo microglitter and flakies. Three coats of it alone was not quite opaque, but it didn't do the phantom dirt line thing, so that was good.

As with its red sibling, the colors popped more in direct light:

Before I put these away, I did one last combination: Makeup to Breakup topped with one coat of Frenemy. I really, really liked this look.

Frenemy is my favorite of this group, for sure. 15 Minutes of Fame is nice, too. If you like gold, I could see grabbing Gossip Girl. The cremes are fine, but nothing special color wise. Front Page is too frosty for me to recommend.

Did you buy any of these? Will you if you see them on clearance?


  1. I love 15 Minutes of Fame on its own :)

  2. I love the Scandal + 15 Minutes of Fame combo :)

  3. 15 minutes of fame is the one I prefer, it is so fruity!!!
    Kisses dear Karen! =)

  4. It's a nice collection, especially the layering of 15 minutes of Fame over the dark red! I really like Orly too so I would be sad to see them go. Sadly they don't sell Orly anywhere in Sweden anymore, but luckily I've got a few international retailers that I can use.

  5. I really like Orly polishes and this looks like a nice collection.

  6. I like the combo of red and glitter, but I didn't pick any up from this collection, no :)

  7. Nice collection - I have so many Orlys lol :-D

  8. I didn't pick any polishes from this collection...About Front Paige, if you like how it looks on you, you could try using a matte tc to hide brush strokes (it usually works) and then apply a glossy tc.

  9. Ohhh Frenemy looks really interesting! I don't think I ever saw these at Sally or maybe I overlooked them. Hmm.


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