Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Orly and Rimmel Clearance Haul

I was on my way to getting my blogging mojo back when I messed up my new routine by driving to Michigan and back via Chicagoland, visiting with friends and family and getting some things from our house that we wanted out in Idaho sooner rather than later. But now I am back on my mountain and trying to get back in a blogging groove.

As I've probably mentioned way too often already, my retirement budget doesn't allow for as much stash acquisition as I had been doing, and even if it did, our smaller living space should impress upon a sensible person that not growing one's collection would be prudent. I am not that sensible. I happened upon a clearance bin at Kmart that fit my budget quite nicely, with discontinued shades of Orly Color Blast and Rimmel 60 Seconds for half price, making them $3.49 and .97 respectively. I stocked up, space concerns dismissed in the face of cheap pretties.

Top row: Orly Multicolored Gloss Glitter, Shamrock Gloss Glitter, Green Gold Chunky Glitter, and Black Holo Chunky Glitter. (Rather refreshing to have names that make a good effort to describe the polishes.) Bottom row: Rimmel Mind the Gap Victoria, District-ly Come Dancing, Central Love Heart, Round and Round in Circles, Pink-a-Boo, Piccasilly Line, and Pulsating.

Rimmel Round and Round in Circles is a light yellow with very subtle shimmer. I used three coats, which was not surprising for a light yellow. As yellows go, this one is pretty nice.

The shimmer is so subtle that even direct light didn't really coax it out for the camera. I think having it in the formula does help this shade not be streaky like so many yellows are, so I'm not too fussed that it's so shy.

I topped Round and Round with Orly Multicolored Gloss Glitter, which like the name implies, has multiple colors of glitter. There are medium and tiny hexes plus some microglitter in a clear base.

I started with one coat of the glitter and it looked okay, but I did two on my index finger to see if I'd like that better. I did.

Rimmel Mind the Gap Victoria was up next. This is a light cornflower blue creme that covered in two coats. Of course I loved this one, being a cool colors fan.

I paired Mind the Gap Victoria with Orly Shamrock Gloss Glitter, which has green and holo microglitter in a clear base.

I left my index finger bare and put two coats of the glitter on my other digits. It looked more silvery and holo than green.

In low light the holo in Shamrock popped more.

Rimmel District-ly Come Dancing is a light teal crelly. I used three coats for my swatch.

Orly Black Holo Chunky Glitter got into the swatching act at this point. This one has tiny black glitter plus dark holo bar glitter in a slightly smoky clear base.

I put two coats of the glitter on District-ly, dabbing a bit to get the bars to look more random. I don't know why this has "chunky" in the name, as it lays pretty flat.

I also tried District-ly topped by Orly Green Gold Chunky Glitter, which has green, gold, holo, and blue hexes plus silver squares in a clear base. This one also lays pretty flat.

Rimmel Central Love Heat is a slightly orange-leaning red creme. I did three coats for my swatch, but two probably would have been fine.

I added one coat of Orly Black Holo Chunky Glitter to Central Love Heat on all but my index finger; you may be able to see the effect of the smoky base of the glitter on the underlying color.

Rimmel Pink-a-Boo and Piccasilly Line are both purple-y pink cremes. I did three coats of Pink-a-Boo, the lighter of the pair, on my index and middle fingers, and two coats of Piccasilly Line on my ring and pinky.

I topped these two with Orly Multicolored Gloss Glitter. The tiny microglitter shimmer showed up better on these shades than on the yellow earlier.

Rimmel Pulsating is a fuchsia shimmer with a slight blue flash. I did two coats for my swatch, though three might have been better to hide the phantom dirt line.

I'm happy to have all of these in my stash, but my two favorites are Mind the Gap Victoria and Multicolored Gloss Glitter. I really should combine the two at some point, but of course got distracted by other polishes, which I shall post about in coming days. Unless I get distracted by skiing or something.


  1. I love sales! :D Shamrock Gloss Glitter is my favourite of the bunch :)

  2. At last, I no longer feel alone with my nail polish obsession!

  3. Oh, there are several beauties among these!

  4. Beautiful polishes! I love the glitter topper the most :)

  5. Nice haul! Pulsating has always been a favourite of mine <3

  6. I like rimmel polishes always can find them so cheap and the colour are very nice :)

  7. I can't resist a sale either I have a few rimmel nail polishes I do like the turquoise one districtly it's a lovely colour great swatches too xx

  8. I can not resist clearance! I really like those Rimmel colors.


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