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All the Displays Fit to Print

I had been doing better at keeping up with posting my display photos, but you all know I've had other priorities this summer so I am once again behind. I did take a number of photos, some here in Idaho, others in places I traveled to or through like Washington, Michigan, and Illinois over the two and half months since my last display post. Some of the displays I'll share today are older but still in stores, some are gone by now from most places, and some are practically brand new. I have definitely noticed fewer new things from drugstore brands, with the exception of SinfulColors. That's too bad.

The Bliss matte topcoat I shared earlier this week came from this display at Kohls, which I first noticed back in June. Most of the slots are filled with colors of Bliss Genius Polish, which is "five free" and $12 for each 15ml bottle. Top row: Mull It Over Berry, The Lady is a Vamp, Cheers to You Cherry Wine, All I Want for Crimson (x2), Cherry Pickin' Paradise, Strawberry Fields, Show YOur True Corals, Raspberry Hurray, Fuchsia and Far Between, Water the Melon Missy, Bubble Gum Beauty, Cotton Candy Caravan, That Pinking Feeling, Ballerina Baby. Second row: Beat Around the Blush, Antique Rose Show, Weak in the Tawnies, Sand Do Attitude, Putty in Your Hands, Cafe Ohhh Lait, Here Today Fawn Tomorrow, Sweet Nothings, Speed Date Quick Dry Top Coat, In This Day and Beige, Tutu and From. Third row: Violet Femmes, Grape Minds Think Alike, I Lilac You a Lot, I Go Indigo, Fade Into the Blue, Wheel and Teal, Jade to Order, Take a Mint, That Aqua Moment, Pack a Punch, Coral Me Baby (sold out), You're the Man-darin, Peach for the Sky, Melon Out, Meringue-ing Around. Bottom row: 2 Peacocks in a Pod, Stone Coal Fox, Be Steel My Heart, What Do You Mink?, Go Fog Wild, Little White Lie (sold out), In This Day and Beige, Tutu and From, Cuticles Ain't Cute (cuticle remover), Prepare the Way (base coat), You're the Tops (topcoat), Strength in Digits (treatment), Speed Date, One Gel Swoop (gel-like topcoat), Go to the Matte (matte topcoat which is really satin as we learned Tuesday).

Between the first time I saw the Bliss display and when I got around to doing this post, Kohls had put the Fall in Love collection in the center slot in row two. Shades here: Well Red Woman, Show Me a Gold Time, Twilight the Way, Old Money Honey, Night in Shining Armor.

I saw the Bonita Good Lookin' Out display at Rite Aid; this had the little Bonita by Royal Essence bottles in summery shades. Left to right: Booty Shaker, Caitlyn's Kisses, Flaming Juan, You Mint a Lot to Me, Good Lookin' Out, Samba Queen.

Rite Aid also had a display with the square Bonita Salon polishes, Be in the Moment. Left to right: Da Vinci Code (which might be a reissue; a similar shade was in the Colorful Palette display in fall of 2014; I didn't realize they did reissues), Creme de la Creme, Mint to Be, Cruise Control, Bows & Kisses, Busted Flats.

Bonita also wins the award for First Far Too Early Halloween Polish I've Seen, with the Nail-o-ween box set, with has four glow int he dark polishes and nail stickers. This was also at Rite Aid. In mid-July.

Sally Beauty and Ulta both had the China Glaze fall display, Rebel. Neither one I saw appeared to have all the colors in it, and I couldn't motivate myself to document the shades that were there because these displays are so hard for me to figure out how to describe in logical order. Top step, hidden in back left? No thanks.

Fred Meyer had an Essence Fall Crush display with four new shades (not limited edition) of The Gel polish: Feels Like Birthday, Dreaming of Love, So What, Jeans On.

The new Essie Gel Couture line—in the twisted bottles, never thought I'd see Essie do a non-square bottle—is all over the place: Ulta, Meijer, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, Rite Aid. This is Essie's foray into the gel without a light approach, with a special topcoat paired with the polish. There are a lot of shades in this new line. I first saw them at Meijer, where they had three different displays, one with mostly subdued shades, one with brighter, one with duos of colors and topcoat. There were labels for even more colors in the core section, though that wasn't yet stocked when I was there.

The mostly lighter and subdued shades below. Top row: Sheer Fantasy (x2), Spool Me Over (x2), Fairy Tailor (x2), Stitch by Stitch, Top Coat (x3). Middle row: Take Me to Thread (x2), Twill Seeker (x2), First View (x2), Pre-show Jitters, Top Coat (x3). Bottom row: Couture Curator (x2), Haute to Trot (x2), Zip Me Up (x2), Beauty Nap, Top Coat (x3).

The mostly darker and brighter shades below. Top row: Dress Call (x2), Style in Excess (x2), On the List (x2), Model Citizen, Top Coat (x3). Middle row: Looks to Thrill (x2), Rock the Runway (x2), Sit Me in the Front Row (x2), Turn 'n' Pose, Top Coat (x3). Bottom row: Find Me a Man-nequin (x2), Gala-vanting (x2), Model Clicks (x2), Surrounded by Studs, Top Coat (x3).

The duo sets:

Target had a shelftop display which combines shades from each of the shelf top displays above plus some of the duo kits.

There's a standing display three shades wide (plus topcoat) that also combines shades from the first two displays but has no duo sets.

There are other standalone displays with different shade assortments; my Ulta had these two:

The biggest single display I saw was this one at Walgreens. Top row: Sheer Fantasy (with a different color in the slot), Spool Me Over, Sew Me, Fairy Tailor, Stitch by Stitch, Pinned Up. Second row: Take Me to Thread, TWill Seeker, Make the Cut, Pearls of Wisdom, Touch Up, First View. Third row: Pre-Show Jitters, Couture Curator, Haute to Trot, Zip Me Up, Beauty Nap, Dress Coat. Fourth row: Style in Excess, Labels Only, On the List (again with a different color shoved in), Signature Smile, Model Citizen, Take a Walk. Fifth row: Looks to Thrill, Flashed, Rock the Runway, Beauty Marked, Sit Me in the Front Row, The It-Factor. Sixth row: Turn 'n' Pose, Find Me a Man-nequin, Drop the Gown, Bubbles Only, Gala-vanting, Spiked with Style. Bottom row: Model Clicks, Off-Duty Style, Surrounded by Studs, Caviar Bar, Hang Up the Heels, Wrap Party.

Essie isn't ignoring the regular line; there is a neon collection called Off the Wall. I saw the retail version of the display at Walgreens. Left to right: Prime & Pop (base coat, x2), Off the Wall, Gallery Gal, The Fuchsia of Art, In It to Wyn It, Mark on Miami, Stencil Me In.

The salon version of the display I saw at Northwest Beauty only had the colors, not the Prime & Pop base, even though the display text referred to it.

The regular Essie fall collection is also out; the only place I've seen it so far is Kohls. Left to right: Maki Me Happy (x2), Kimono-over (x2), Now and Zen (x2), Playing Koi (x2), Udon Know Me, Go Go Geisha.

I feel like there haven't been new FingerPaints colors at Sally Beauty for a while, but this most recent visit, they did have a display with FingerPaints Fast Dry. Left to right: Fast Dry top coat, FingerPaints base coat, Champagne Gold, Cool Coral, Pronto Purple, Fathom Blue.

Of course any time I'm in the land of Five Below, I have to stop; this last time, I saw three new Funky Fingers thermals under a "What's Your Mood" banner: The Moody Blues (blue), In the Mood (pink), and Mellow Mood (purple). According to the caps, these change to darker or lighter shades of the hue depending on temperature.

I also saw a few new regular Funky Fingers, but I suspect there are more I didn't see, as they usually come out in groups of more than three. The ones I saw were all shimmers, left to right: Hey Bae Bae, Mama Mia, Purrfect.

Oh, one other new development: Five Below is now selling stuff online. The nail polish lineup is a fraction of what's in stores, but at least it's something.

I saw an interesting display at Kmart, a movie tie-in with Ice Age: Collision Course. This had six shimmery metallic shades which looked pretty but not pretty enough to make me want to pay $6.99 for the smallish bottles (I think they were around 6ml). Left to right: Acorns & Aliens (pink), When Scrat Attacks (lilac), Diego-a-go-go (blue), Collision Course (sky blue), Beam Me Up Buck (silver), Alpha-Sid-Touri (gold).

Remember when Rite Aid used to have limited edition Julie G collections? Apparently those days are gone. For summer, they had a Tropical Treats display with three core colors—White Orchid, Oh Em Gee (pink), and Tropical (light teal)—and topcoat. Oddly, the color in the photo on the display was not in the display, unless that's a very blue rendering of Tropical.

At Walgreens, I saw a display for a new-to-me brand called LuxePop; the Electrix display is packed with bright neon and near neon shades with fun striped and dotted caps and is labelled "limited edition". Left to right: Base Coat (white), Fuchsia Fuse, Coral Volt, Charged Lime, Electric Kale, Celestial Cyan, Shocking Sunshine, Energized Torch, Power Poppy, Blue Dazzle, Currant Current, Top Coat.

At Ulta, I saw the OPI Tru Neon collection. Top row: Pants on Fire (x2), Precisely Pinkish (x2), No Doubt About It (x2). Bottom row: Correctamundo (x2), No Faux Yellow, Green Come True, Put a Coat On (base), Top Coat.

Ulta also had OPI's fall offering, the Washington DC collection, as did Sally Beauty and Northwest Beauty. Top row: CIA or Color Is Awesome, Stay Off the Lawn, Suzi—The First Lady of Color, Never a Dulles Moment, Pale to the Chief, Yank My Doodle. Bottom row: Freedom of Peach, Squaker of the House, Shh It's Top Secret, Madam President, OPI by Popular Vote, We the Female.

The display above from Northwest Beauty doesn't have the three shades developed and named by Kerry Washington: Inside the ISABELLEtway (tan), Kerry Blossom (plum), Liv in the Gray (gray). Ulta had those, both in full size (below) and a mini set with all three.

Ulta also has two exclusive colors to go with the Washington DC collection, Politically Polished and Front Runner.

The Sally Beauty display was already missing a few colors when I saw it:

I saw a big endcap Sally Hansen display at Walgreens and was momentarily excited until I realized the colors and treatments all appeared to be from the core line, nothing new to see here. Very much slanted toward "normal" shades, too, pinks and reds dominating. I saw a slightly more colorful shelf top display for Insta Dri (paired with Airbrush Legs makeup) but those were all core shades, too.

SinfulColors continues to put out new stuff, as per usual mixing it with old stuff in the same displays. Stand Down to Stand Out, which I saw at Walgreens first then at Kmart, has four new camoflage themed glitters paired with core and reissued base shades. Left to right: Under Cover (new), Gold n' Roses, Army Brat (new), Beaches and Cream, Good Company (new), Moss Have, Cute Cadet (new), Rise & Shine.

Kmart was the first and so far only place I've seen the SinfulColors Polished from Head to Toe display. Left to right: Easy Going, Clear Coat, Poisonberry, Clad in Plaid (new), Cool Credit (new), Wonder Mint, Rock the Bow (new), Gossip Boss (new).

There is also a sidekick display for Stand Down to Stand Out, which combines shades from the shelf top display of the same name plus shades from Polished from Head to Toe plus some random core and reissues. Top row: Army Brat (x2), Hazard, Good Company (x2), Gossip Boss (x3). Second row: Energetic Red, Gogo Girl, Navy I Do, Tempest, Starfish, Skylark, Clad in Plaid (x2). Third row: Rise & Shine (x2), Gold n' Roses (x2), Poisonberry (x2), Rock the Bow (x2). Fourth row: Ruby Ruby, Vacation Time, Feel the Vibe, Cool Credit (x2), Dream On, Black on Black, Mint Apple. Fifth row: Easy Going, Beaches and Cream, Moss Have, Cute Cadet, Under Cover, Rose Dust, Mist-erious. Bottom row: Mint2bcool (x2), Snow Me White (x2), Clear Coat (x2), Pink Forever (x2).

The SinfulColors Pride display showed up early this summer, but it wasn't until weeks later that I saw the cute polish case at Walgreens that had all the colors from the display in it: Resilient, Sugar Pumpkin, Bye Felicia, Envious, Gogo Boy, Love Thy Self, Call Me Violetta, Pride.

Walgreens recently got SinfulColors Faceted Illusions, which has eight new "limited time iridescent color" shades: Chromatic Fanatic, Opal Essence, Liquid Iris, Flash Dance, Set the Dua-tone, Mars Attracts, Shell Out, Flash Back. These have the SinfulColors on the display and the bottles, but they have the silver caps like SinfulShine and the price at my Walgreens was 2.99, like SinfulShine.

At the same time as Faceted Illusions showed up, Walgreens also got SinfulColors Fashion Flash, with eight new glitters ("limited time luxe fragments" per the stickers on the caps): Piece Out Pink, Tear It Up, Silver Slivers, Couture for Sure, Strike a Pose, Don't Flake, Walk the Walk, Gold a La Mode.

Kmart had the SinfulColors Halloween display, Guise and Ghouls. It wasn't full, so I'm not sure what I missed, but expect I will find out when this shows up other places like Walgreens. Left to right: Got a Bat Attitude (new, with black bat glitter in glow in the dark base), Glow in the Dark, Courtney Orange, Ruby Ruby, Dead On (new, glow in the dark), Let's Talk, Nice Guise (new, "limited time chameleon color").

I looked at many Meijer stores in Michigan and Illinois in July but never found a full display of the Studio M summer display, Brighter Than the Sun. Fortunately, they print the color names on the display, so I know what was supposed to be there. The first two rows were mostly new colors as far as I could tell, with the exception of Cantelope and Fresh Grass. The others were all reissues as far as I could tell. Top row (labeled "Neon Chalk Shades Dry Matte"): Hopscotch, Sidewalk Chalk, You're a Peach, Mint Julep, Sunny Side Up, Sailor's Delight, Blue Skies, Hopscotch. Second row (labeled "Pastel Neons"): Cantelope, Summer Vacation (peach; I saw it later), Bubblegum (pink; ditto), Morning Glory, Fresh Grass, Meringue, White Hot. Third row: Power Pink, Neon Pink, All That Razz, Purple Crush, Frenzy, Blue Lagoon, Lightening Blue, Blue Funk. Fourth row: Total Wow, Energy Star, Blue-ming, Jade, Neon Greenlight, Neon Caution, Paradise, Orange Hot. Fifth row: Volcanic, Orange Sunset, East Austin, Girl's Night Out, Neon Pink, Neon Glow, Vintage Vamp, Wicker Park. Sixth row: Punked, Power Pack, Wicker Park, Frenzy, Blue Lagoon, Blue Funk, Lightening Blue, Total Wow. Seventh row: Energy Star, Neon Greenlight, Neon Caution, Paradise, Orange Hot, Volcanic, Infusion, Neon Pink. Eighth row: Girl's Night Out, Power Pink, All That Razz, Purple Crush, Frenzy, Blue Lagoon, Lightening Blue, Total Wow. Bottom row: Blue-ming, Energy Star, Neon Greenlight, Neon Caution, East Austin, Girl's Night Out, Neon Pink, Neon Glow.

I saw a small Wet 'n' Wild Pop Back to School display at Walgreens; it appeared to have the same product assortment as the big one I shared back in June, just fewer of each product.

At one Rite Aid, and only that one, I saw a Wet 'n' Wild Summer Nail Sizzle display, which was rather picked over by the time I got to it. It had slots for 18 Megalast shades and was labelled as limited edition. I don't know what colors were gone, but did note the names of the ones that were left. Top row: My Butter Half, You're a Cutie, Cali Sunshine, Sunset Blvd., My Little Peony, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Skipping Stones, Where's My Wingwoman, Mermaid Tears, Champagne Bubbles. Bottom row: Fast and Fuchsia, Pretty Woman, Split Pea Soup, Lettuce Be Friends, Green with Envy. I really wish I'd seen this when it was full. Maybe just as well I didn't, as I might have been tempted to get one of each; since I couldn't, I was able to leave these in the store.

I hoped you've enjoyed this mega-shopping trip with me. Next time I expect we'll see many more Halloween displays. Other than that, I'm not sure. Orly is overdue for new stuff, I think, and maybe Sally Hansen will have some limited editions again, but I'm not hopeful. That's okay, I have some old ones I never swatched I can pretend are new.

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