Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wheel R8: Mostly Magnetix Magnetics

Three Nail Wheel Wednesdays in a row? It's crazy around here again, I tell you what. Today I have a wheel full of magnetic polishes, which were were impossible to find for ages, then they were everywhere, and now they're nowhere to be found in stores. I filled this wheel with Pretty Woman Magnetix colors, which were at Rite Aid back in the day, China Glaze Magnetix, and a couple stragglers from other brands.

(all are two quick coats then the magnet applied, which is hard to do in the confines of the wheel)

1. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed plum
2. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed rose
3. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed purple
4. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed charcoal
5. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed brown
6. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed gold [I like the antiqued look of this, and the sparkly flecks]
7. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed green
8. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed blue
9. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed silver [great microglitter finish]
10. Pretty Woman Magnetix unnamed pewter [also great microglitter; this and flecked are my favorite magnetic finishes]
11. China Glaze Magnetix Drawn to You
12. China Glaze Magnetix Instant Chemistry
13. China Glaze Magnetix You Move Me
14. China Glaze Magnetix Cling On
15. China Glaze Magnetix Con-fused [no idea why this didn't get in a bottle shot]
16. China Glaze Magnetix Sparks Will Fly
17. China Glaze Magnetix Pull Me Close
18. China Glaze Magnetix Attraction
19. Nails Inc. Soho [too brushstrokey for me]
20. Essence Spell Bound

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 14:

16 through 18:

19 and 20:

Destash notes: There's definitely some overlap between the China Glaze and Pretty Woman colors (and other brands not on this wheel). I'll likely keep the Pretty Woman for the sake of uniqueness; I don't have any other bottles like this. I'd ditch the Nails Inc. (19) except I like the magnet, which looks better done on a free nail than a tip on a wheel.

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  1. Oh man I miss magnetic polishes... I do have a few, but it would have been nice to see more magnets around.


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