Friday, September 16, 2016

Funky Fingers Summer 2016 Solars

Today I have the solar polishes that Funky Fingers released for this past summer. I don't feel too bad about waiting this long to swatch them because they are still in stores and also appear on the list of polishes Five Below is now selling online. There are four colors in this collection: Burning Melon, Punkrock Pink, Vibe with Me, and Free Spirit.

For efficiency's sake (have I shared how surprisingly busy being retired is?), I did Skittles swatches of these. Top to bottom: Burning Melon (3 coats), Punkrock Pink (3, but 2 thicker ones would probably also have worked), Vibe with Me (2), and Free Spirit (2, but 3 might have been better as I see some nail line showing in certain lights). The pink is the only one with visible shimmer and even that sometimes hides.

The late in the day sun coming in through my window was too weak to make these change very much (okay, yes, I should have thought about that before I started swatching them), though you can see the shimmer in the pink much better in this natural light shot:

On a different day, I put these on a wheel and took them out in the midday sun. That's better. Top to bottom, Burning Melon turned into a dusty rose, Punkrunk Pink became red violet, Vibe with Me went darker and a touch more blue, while Free Spirit got just a little darker and perhaps a touch greyed out.

The pink and purple come closest to matching the change shown on the top of their bottles; the melon is not as brown as shown and the blue is more subtle. Still, they do change, which is the point of solars, so for the price, I think they're worth it.

I'm going to Florida for a vacation this fall; that might be a good time to wear one of these, as I'm rarely outside in strong sun here in northern Idaho at this time of year.

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  1. I talked myself out of these the last time I was at Five Below. Then I regretted it lol next time I go they are coming home with me!!


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