Monday, September 19, 2016

Funky Fingers Summer Beach Colors

In addition to the four solar shades that Funky Fingers released in time for this summer that I shared last time, they also put out four regular shades (3 for $5 vs. the 2 for $5 that the solars are): Beach Please, Aloha Beaches, Set Sails, and Salty Kisses. I don't know if this collection had an official name, as I never saw any signage, but the names definitely have a beach or "by the water" theme.

Though I am definitely getting my blogging mojo back, I seem to have lost my desire to do full hand swatches of a single color, so I combined these Funky Fingers into pairs. First up, Beach Please, a light warm pink shimmer, and Aloha Beaches, a hot pink shimmer. On my ring and middle fingers, I did a French tip with Aloha Beaches then added two coats of Beach Please, which as you can see is somewhat sheer. My ring finger is three coats of Aloha Beaches alone; this more subtle shimmer than Beach Please but it is visible. On my pinky, I topped Aloha Beaches with one coat of Beach Please, which amped up the shimmer and lightened the color a bit.

In direct light, as expected, the shimmer pops more, especially for Beach Please, which shows a slight blue flash:

For the remaining two shades, I did an accent nail of Set Sails, a blue shimmer, with Salty Kisses, a blue green shimmer, on the other nails. I used two coats of both of these. Salty Kisses has a more frosty look to it than Set Sails, with a bit of brushstrokiness.

Glowing in direct light:

I still had the Funky Fingers solars out when I swatched these, so I had bit more fun and layered Beach Please over them. Top to bottom: Burning Melon plus Beach Please, Punkrock Pink plus Beach Please (Punkrock Pink in indoor mode is very similar to Aloha Beaches), Vibe with Me plus Beach Please (loved this combination!), Free Spirit with French tip of Salty Kisses topped with Aloha Beaches.

Because I like to layer, Beach Please is my favorite of these four, and a bargain at $2 each (3 for $5). Set Sails is my second choice; I like the vibrant color and the finish is nice, too. I feel like Funky Fingers has done a lot of shades similar to both Aloha Beaches and Salty Kisses, but I'm still in the long process of getting my stash organized in its new home so wasn't able to quickly lay my hands on other shades for comparison.


  1. Oooooh I really like Salty Kisses. <3

  2. Salty Kisses is right up my alley too :)

  3. Ohh, I really like blue design. This colors match perfectly. I want to add some design on them, it would be looking good on round nails ( like ).


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