Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Nails of Valentine's Day

For the holiday today, I've adorned my digits with Incoco nail polish strips in the Love Spell design, which I got from 2015's Love Story display that was in some Walgreens stores. I checked the Incoco website today and saw this design is still in their lineup.

These strips have a light pink background (which on some of my strips had faded to almost white; I don't know if that happened at the store or in storage, though I've pretty much had them out of the light since I bought them). The pink is crossed by solid and dashed grey lines decorated with hearts and bows and circles (though none of the bows made it onto the nails that are the stars of this blog).

Because I put these on at home rather than in my studio, I have no lightbox photos of them. Here they are in regular incandescent room light:

And here in sunlight coming through the window:

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you were all able to celebrate in a way that made you happy.

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