Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine's Nails of the Day

Just a quick NOTD post today, as we've been having serious snow the past several days, and I've completely worn myself out skiing it (and shoveling, though we only have to do the decks and part of the driveway). We're up around three and a half feet of snow since Friday night, and are trying to do the early to bed, early to rise plan so we can get out and really enjoy it.

During this whole storm cycle, I've been wearing some Sally Hansen Salon Effects Valentine's Day strips from my stash. Cross My Heart has deep pink hearts and x's (for kisses, I assume) on a very very light pink background, and though I put them on quickly at my dining room table late one night, I've gotten several compliments on them.

This is a one-way design, and I'm very proud of myself for realizing that before I put the strips on, so I could deliberately apply them with the hearts point down (toward my tips) on one hand and point up on the other (no pictures of that, unfortunately, but you can imagine).

These are holding up well; I put them on Thursday and have yet to do any touch ups with the bottle of pale pink polish I have standing ready. I planned to change them out for a different Valentine's look before the actual holiday but they may have to hang in there, as it's looking like another couple feet of snow are on their way. I'm not sure my aged ski bum self can take much more!


  1. They are super cute, the compliments are well deserved :)

  2. Simple, practical and sweet! ^_^ Have a nice skiing... week? :P

  3. What a pretty manicure dear Karen! <3


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