Friday, September 22, 2017

Sally Hansen and Crayola

Because I think it's important to not get too full of myself, I'm going to share a mani fail today. I was so excited to get the Sally Hansen Insta Dri Crayola colors that I wanted to use them all at once, so I did. Unfortunately, I was also pressed for time and out of practice with my dotting tool, so this was the result:

The base is White, which I was very happy with. It reminded me of my old favorite, Whirlwind White, which I hoarded multiple backups of when Sally Hansen discontinued it from the Insta Dri line back when.

The dots are every other color, applied in rainbow order. My index finger has Dandelion, Sunset Orange, Carnation Pink, and Razzmatazz. Middle finger has Razzmatazz, Wild Strawberry, Scarlet, and Vivid Violet. Ring has Vivid Violet, Purple Heart, Denim, and Cerulean. Pinky has Cerulean, Granny Smith Apple, Dandelion, and Sunset Orange. I put clear top coat over the dots, adding some smearing to the already wonkily shaped dots. I really want to redo this sometime when I can take my time.

I think I took more time that day balancing bottles so I could fit them all in my lightbox at once than I did doing the mani. Ooops.

I have seen a full display of these recently, so maybe I'll grab a couple more White while I can. I haven't tried yet, but I'm guessing it'll stamp well, the same as Whirlwind White did. It definitely makes for a good white base for nail art or neons. As far as the other shades, I'm happy to have them, too. I do wish they'd dropped one of the reds in favor of a teal or turquoise but I know red sells, so I get why they did that.


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