Friday, September 15, 2017

Mostly Purple NOTD

I haven't had much time for swatching recently, but I have still been doing my nails, at least most of the time. Usually it's been strips or fakes, but sometimes liquid polish gets in the action, as with the nails of the day I'm sharing today.

This started out simply, with Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips in Good Morning Glory, one of my favorite patterns. Since a lot of my clothes have purple in them, this white with purple floral usually coordinates nicely with what I'm wearing.

I thought it went especially well with this non-purple outfit I wore to a party (yes, those are figures from Disney's Haunted Mansion—one woman at the party recognized them, even).

The strips weren't quite up to the abuse I put them through; instead of touching them up with white polish as I've done before, I took them off and put on L'Oreal Violet de Nuit, one of the Le Vernis à L'Huile shades I got when I was in Canada this past summmer. This was a dream to apply, so smooth, and nearly a one coater, though I used two, topped with NYC Grand Central Station quick dry top coat.

The twist is that I didn't take off all the strips; I left ones that were in better shape as accent nails. For some reason I didn't take photos of that, though, so all I have is this shot before I took off the whole mani.

Based on this, I'm wishing I'd gotten more of these L'Oreal shades, even though I already have so many cremes. I did get one other one, so hope to use that soon, and Canada isn't that far away so I could go up and grab more.


  1. Hi dear Karen! The manicure is so lovely and the violet by l'Oreal so glossy! Smuack!!


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