Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SinfulColors Periwinkle Comparisons

Where does the time go? Well, let's see, since my display post a few weeks ago, I spend almost an entire week working with my brother to finish clearing and cleaning my mom's old house, a day or so making sure my mother-in-law had what she needed before I left (this including delaying my departure to meet the home health care workers she'd decided to hire), several days driving home across the country, several days with houseguests for the end of summer festival here, then almost a week settling back in while getting cabin fever due to being shut up inside while our area had hazardous air quality due to wildfire smoke. The smoke has cleared (at least for now) and we were able to get out and do some things outside the last couple days, so my head is in a better place and I'm back to blogging. Of course, now that I'm ready, my internet is once again being uncooperative, so who know when or where I might be able to get this up once I've finished writing.

Moving bottles of polish around in my studio a while back, I noticed four SinfulColors that were similar but not the same and decided to to some quick comparison swatches. Left to right: Zoned Out, Deep End, Bluz Cruz, Love Thy Self.

Before the comparisons, I gave one of these, Zoned Out, some individual attention. It's a periwinkle packed with silver/pearl shimmer and also has the "Matte Master" finish, unlike the other three which are just regular finish. I used two coats, let it dry, and was not bowled over by the matteness. I suppose "Semi-matte Master" or "Satin Master" aren't as catchy for marketing purposes.

Since Zoned Out wasn't going to be matte on its own, I gave it a little help and played with topcoats. Top to bottom: Zoned Out alone, with OPI Matte Top Coat, with glossy top coat (last two nails). It does look good matte; it just can't do that on its own despite the sticker claiming it's a master at it.

On to the comparisons—left to right, two coats each of Zoned Out, Deep End, Bluz Cruz, Love Thy Self. Deep End is a shimmer, like Zoned Out, but not as pearly or densely packed. The other two are cremes in the same periwinkle family as the shimmers. Zoned Out is obviously the odd polish out here; it looks way lighter than the others on the nail than it did in the bottle, the effect of all that light shimmer packed into it. The shimmer in Deep End is less prominent, both in coverage and in color. At some angles, it is nearly indistinguisable from the two cremes. I'm going to go ahead and declare that Bluz Cruz and Love Thy Self are dupes; I can't tell them apart on the nail.

Here's a better angle to see the shimmer in Deep End. I apologize for my crap cleanup in this post ... it was way hot the day I did these and I think my brain was a bit cooked. The heat also is probably to blame for any little bubbles in these pics, as I had fans blowing like crazy (air conditioning is not standard out here, though with the climate change crisis it'll probably become more common).

Closeup of shimmer in Zoned Out:

Closeup of shimmer in Deep End:

Unless you are determined to own every shade of SinfulColors, you don't need all of these in your collection. If I'm keeping three, Bluz Cruz goes, as I like the name Love Thyself better. If I'm keeping two, both cremes go. Shimmers are more interesting to me.

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  1. Fascinating comparison. I only own one of these polishes and, thankfully, it's my favorite of the four (Deep End). Woot! :D


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