Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Summer 2017 NOTD: Strips & Fakes

It's officially fall now, so it's past time for me to clear out my nails of the day folders from summer. I probably won't quite be able to do that all today, but I'm determined to make a big, big dent by cramming as many of the strips and fake nails into this post as I can before I run out of steam.

MOB (Ministry of Beauty) Ultra Reflect nails in the iridescent white colorway were one of my attempts to save my nails from the trauma of travel. Yep, same story as other times I've worn these: they're still not sized or shaped to be a perfect fit for me, but the finish is shiny and pretty and gives me something to look at when I need a micro-break.

If you thought the MOB nails looked ultra-fake, these Maybelline Nail Falsies in the Plum Sunset design are going to require even stronger language. Really truly ultra-fake, maybe?

The last set of fakes for summer were leftover imPress ones; I hadn't kept the box so not sure what the design is called, if it even had a name.

After the fakes, it's strips all the way down. One of my favorite Sally Hansen Salon Effects designs, Ring Toss, took a turn on my nails. I need to find and buy a stamping plate like this; I'm sure there is one.

My nails were doing pretty well length-wise when I wore Salon Effects in Fly With Me, a nice summery design of butterflies. I thing I added clear top coat to these to increase wear time, though since I didn't take notes, just photos, I can't be 100% sure. The top coat bottle could have ended up the photo for some other reason, like I didn't put it away after doing a pedicure.

When I put on Salon Effects in Cut It Out, I had every intention of coloring in some of the flowers before I took them off, but alas, I didn't make time to do that. The design is still good in its original black and white mode, just would have been fun to add my own color as I have before.

The quilt-like Salon Effect in Geome-trick had its own colors, no adding them necessary.

I wore the glittery Frock Star Salon Effects strips while the family was here for the reunion—all the colors meant they didn't clash with any of my clothes and I have enough multi glitters that I could touch up any wear and tear easily. I put clear topcoat on these to add to the wear time.

I had Frock Star on when I did my first color run; my skin got a bit stained by the color powder but the mani looked fine.

I'll wrap up for today with Salon Effects in Out of Line, which I put on after a few weeks of sporting nubbins thanks to all the manual labor involved in doing the final clear out of my mom's house.

I found some socks that coordinated perfectly with these strips; almost bought them then remembered I won't be wearing this design more than a few times more, unless I find some huge stash of strips somewhere and buy them up.

I am in no danger of running out of strips or fakes in the near future, so will keep turning to them for NOTD looks, as I like being able to finish up my manicure while watching tv with Mr. Karen in the evening, and liquid polish fumes aren't his jam. (Hi, I'm old and use lingo from years ago.)


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