Friday, November 3, 2017

Essie Bikini So Teeny, Plussed

Today, in a better late in the day than not at all post, I have a not at all recent NOTD look from a few months ago: Essie Bikini So Teeny topped with Liquid Afterglow Lacquer Unicorn Tears. The Essie, of course, is an old favorite (it made my Top 20 for 2012). The Liquid Afterglow is a Michigan-based indie brand that later changed their name to Holochondriac Polish and then still later stopped making polish; I'm glad to have the colors from them that I do.

I love that Unicorn Tears has square glitter in it, such a nice change from all the hexes out there.

This mani was so long ago that any notes I took on it were in my previous swatch notebook, which right now is literally thousands of miles away, as I left it at home, forgetting I had these photos yet to post. Oh well. I did snap a photo of the lineup of products used, so I can say for sure I layered Nutra Nail Stressed Nail Rehab (got this on clearance; it's odd stuff) and Salon Sciences Starting Over After Artificials under the color and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top Coat over the glitter.

Looking at these photos again, I'm thinking I need to pull out Bikini So Teeny again for some winter manicures. Those can happen as soon as I get home ... snow is falling there now. Too soon to ski, though.


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