Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wheel X9: Glitters from SinfulColors

Nail Wheel Wednesday is back. This installment stars glitter polishes from SinfulColors. About halfway through painting this, I really wished I'd done a black base under some of them but alas did not have time to both do that and get to dinner on time, and dinner won. Dinner will pretty much always win.

(all 2 coats plus clear topcoat)

1. SinfulColors Twilight Twinkles
2. SinfulColors Starlight
3. SinfulColors Heart of Gold
4. SinfulColors Sleigh My Name
5. SinfulColors Star Studded [star glitter required fishing]
6. SinfulColors Silver Belle
7. SinfulColors Silver Crush
8. SinfulColors Flake Out [snowflake glitter required fishing]
9. SinfulColors Cosmotion
10. SinfulColors Green Ocean [this is the non-flakie version, or one of them; I'm not sure how many variants there are]
11. SinfulColors Shamrockin' [four leaf flowers required fishing; other glitters are so pale they don't show on the ivory nail wheel]
12. SinfulColors Shamrockin' [yep, two versions of this one; this also required fishing to get the flowers out]
13. SinfulColors I'm Clover It [you guessed it; clover glitter required fishing]
14. SinfulColors Feeling Lucky [and yes, more fishing required for clovers, gold four leaf ones this time]
15. SinfulColors Planet Out
16. SinfulColors Top Me Off
17. SinfulColors If You've Got It Haunt It
18. SinfulColors Love Bombs [there are blue heart glitters in here but I was too tired to fish them out]
19. SinfulColors Sinful Sunrise
20. SinfulColors Spoon Full of Sugar

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:


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